Productivity Tools to Improve Business Efficiency


It’s no secret that constant email interruptions are the biggest impediment to business productivity.

You’re in the middle of completing a task or project when you hear a *ping* sound, indicating that a new email has arrived in your inbox. Can you resist the urge to immediately check it? Of course not, you’re just a human.

The problem is that once your focus is broken, it takes a long time to get back into the flow of what you were doing before the break.

It can take up to 20 minutes for the average person to return to a state of deep concentration. Consider how much lost productivity you or your team will incur if you are interrupted by emails multiple times per day.

Fortunately, there are a variety of productivity tools available to assist you with this issue. In this article, ny publishers will go over the top seven productivity tools for increasing business efficiency.


SaneBox is a clever tool that determines the importance of an email before it reaches your inbox. It moves messages that it deems unimportant into dedicated folders so that you are not interrupted while working.

Only critical messages will appear in your inbox this way. The rest can be checked at a more convenient time for you, without disrupting your workday.

Don’t worry, SaneBox never deletes your emails; it simply moves them to the appropriate folders.

SaneBox also has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, custom training folders, and reply tracking features. You can even rediscover forgotten connections or use your network to make new ones!

SaneBox is compatible with every email client, service, and device. They simply add a folder to your existing email setup and filter unwanted emails there.

SaneBox can handle your inbox regardless of whether you use Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud, or another service.


Mailbird, unlike SaneBox, is only available for Windows. You can use this email tool to connect multiple email accounts and consolidate everything into a single feed.

It’s a useful tool if you have a lot of email addresses to check every day and want to see everything in one place.

People who are interested in aesthetics will appreciate the ability to change the color scheme and customize alerts. Mailbird can be linked to other business apps such as Asana and Slack after a simple setup.

If you use Windows, this might be a good business option for you. Having all of your messages and notifications in one location will save you time.


Do you use Microsoft email? If so, you should look into Hiri. Here is an email productivity tool available only for Microsoft email. Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Live, Hotmail, and MSN are all included.

Hiri allows you to filter messages based on whether you need to respond to them right away or if you can look at them later. If you need to take action on an email, you can convert it into a task. If you use Microsoft, this might be a productivity tool for you.

Client eM

If your job requires you to write in multiple languages throughout the day and you aren’t fluent in all of them, Client eM might be the email productivity tool for you. This tool includes built-in language translation capabilities, making it ideal for those who are bilingual.

Having said that, this tool is only available for Windows. It also has a $50 price tag, which is quite high for a tool like this, but it is only a one-time fee. If language translation features can increase your productivity, it may be well worth the investment.

Drag is an intriguing email management tool that converts Gmail emails into cards, similar to Trello. You can move them around the dashboard to keep track of their progress. Drag allows you to create columns for each email.

You could, for example, have an ‘Urgent’ column for emails that need to be responded to right away, a ‘Read later’ column for newsletter-type emails, and so on. Drag could be a good fit for your team if you have an email that multiple people have access to because it allows users to visually see what needs to be actioned.

The inbox is full.

Active Inbox is an email productivity tool that converts emails into ‘tasks.’ You can set email deadlines with Active Inbox. If you don’t want to respond to an email right away. The deadline will remind you to do so by a specific time, so you don’t forget.

If the email requires a detailed response, you can assign subtasks to it so you know what information you need to gather before hitting the reply button. Emails can also be pinned to the top of your inbox to remind you to respond.

Active Inbox is a good choice for those who use their email inbox as a “to-do” list.


Boomerang is another email management tool that is only available through Gmail. It monitors the messages you send and notifies you if a recipient does not respond to your email within a certain timeframe.

This email management tool is suitable for business owners who do not require full-fledged email productivity software but require assistance in tracking the emails they send.


According to ny publishers your company needs to find a solution to the problem of lost productivity that occurs as a direct result of constant interruptions caused by email.

You and your team will be able to spend your workdays concentrating on activities that will generate revenue if you use one of these helpful tools for managing your emails.

You will be able to save time that would have been spent responding to emails that were not important and save time overall.

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