Things To Be Aware Of Before You Intend To Rent Out Property In Dubai

If you are at this place, it may seem obvious that you looking to rent out a property in Dubai. Irrespective of the fact whether it is the first time renting out experience or opting in terms of apartments for sale in Dubai land a lot of pointers come into prominence. Renting a property turns out to be a major commitment on your end. There are numerous factors that you need to consider before you narrow down your option. Be aware that knowledge is power and doing the right things properly can make the experience better. Below are some of the things that you need to consider before you sign on the dotted line

Go for the legal route and obtain an Ejari

Renting out a property in Dubai has legal protocols associated with it. If you do not want trouble down the lane, then it makes sense to choose the legal route. For example, a lot of people opt for the services of an agent when they are looking to rent out a property in Dubai. The broker is expect to arrange viewings and the deal is to be finalize as per the agreed terms.

Make it a point that you are working with a register RERA agent to ensure that everything is done according to the book. Even you should be overcharge for the service they are going to provide. You are expect to sign something along the lines of an Ejari which is a system of contract that regulates between tenants or landlords and extends support to both parties. It is a mandatory requirement in Dubai and clearly specifies all the details of the tenancy agreement. If any dispute arises in the future, they can be refer.

Not only rental cost is important but even the location

You need to have an idea about some of the best places to reside in Dubai before you agree to rent out a property in Dubai. There is a possibility that you may be attract to a particular location due to the rental costs or location, but it is better if you consider things from a practical point of view.

You would be looking for a place that is closer to your workplace indicating that you do not have to spend a lot of time in traffic every day. It also does not make sense to live in a place that is far away because it is cheap. Make sure that the place has proper public transport facilities as the costs of commuting with your car could end up rising quickly.

The choice of the right building or area

Dubai can be termed as a safe place anytime it does make sense for you to pick a building or an area as per your convenience. Any property that you choose should be able to put you at ease. It could be a family-oriented place with a few bachelors or a living neighbourhood itself. Be aware that you should not end up choosing an area where there are a lot of nightclubs and there is a lot of noise. Trust me if you adopt such a measure you are bound to have sleepless nights for sure.

Be aware of the landlord and understand what your rights are

During the rental process, the RERA serves as a middleman. You can communicate with the landlord via the services of the said agent. Keep in mind that the agents are know to charge commission every year. Having said so it does not hurt to know more about the landlord and build a human relationship.

There are certain rights of a tenant like one month’s notice for eviction. And towards the end of the year a 3-month notice when it comes to renting increase. This is all in accordance with the RERA protocols that monitor the rental parameters. It is better that you are aware of the legalities. So that you are not on the wrong side of things when things go under the shove

What are the utilities that are included?

In most of the buildings in UAE, you are expect to pay utility charges for electricity or the internet. This is the standard norm until and unless you are renting out a furnish apartment. But there are some buildings that have an option of chill-free property. What it means is that the cost of the air conditioning is cover by the building and your electricity cost it is deduct every month. Since AC is a major part of the bill you are likely to save a lot of costs more so when it is the summer months.

There are other utilities like a gym, swimming pools or parking depending upon the place that you are renting. A lot of buildings in the older part of Dubai do not have outside car parking or underground parking. What it means is that you need to shell out extra money. When it comes to parking if you are the owner of a vehicle.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Coupled with the fact most of the buildings are know to levy a fixed maintenance charge every year. This is a cost that is borne by the landlord in most cases. Apart from that, there are expenses that is bound to arise with the wear and tear of the building every year. The costs up to a certain denomination are borne by the tenant. And if exceed above that the landlord has to bear the same. This clause is add on to the Ejari document in any case.

So these are some of the pointers that you need to keep in mind when you are renting out property in Dubai. The same logic is applicable if you are venturing for the Dubailand residence complex for sale. Be aware of all the legal protocols before you go on to sign on the dotted line. It is a decision that is bound to have a major impact on the rest of your life.

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