An Easy Guide to Rent Self Drive Car in Goa

Goa is best experienced independently in a private or rental automobile since it allows you to go wherever you choose. You can explore one of the numerous national parks, drive to the less-frequented beaches of South Goa, or venture further merely to sample a Goan specialty with self drive car rent in Goa. In Goa, bike hire are more common and highly favored by visitors. But if you’re traveling in a group, it’s not the best option. Thus, if you like to rent a car in Goa, here is your comprehensive guide:

Prices to Rent Cars in Goa

Depending on the type of automobile, rental prices for cars in Goa start at INR 1000 and go up to INR 3000 or INR 4000 or more each day. High-end vehicles can be highly costly. The WagonR with i10 combo is the least expensive choice. These rates can occasionally be negotiated, according on demand and whether or not it is the peak travel season.

These self-drive rental automobiles also require a security deposit ranging from INR 2000 to INR 5000.

Kinds of Vehicles Hired in Goa

Car rentals offer a wide variety of cars, so you may select one based on your spending limit and the size of your group. You have access to an enormous selection, and with enough searching, you can locate practically any type of vehicle.

Small hatchbacks like Maruti Ignis, I10 or medium-sized hatchbacks like Hyundai i20, Baleno are the most popular and least expensive options. Sedans like the Swift Dzire and Ciaz or SUVs like the Creta, Venue, Thar, etc. are further options.

If there are more than five people in your group, choose a larger SUV such as an Innova Crysta, Ertiga or a Fortuner. You may also go with a Mahindra Thar if you’re in the mood for a little adventure.

Additionally, you can rent high-end vehicles like BMWs and Audis. There are also a lot of automatic vehicles accessible.

Documents Needed in Goa to Rent a Car

You need to have a current driver’s licence in order to rent a car in Goa. In addition, you must turn in your original identification documents, such as your passport, voter card, and Aadhaar card, which you will get back when you return the vehicle. Foreign visitors must present their passport, either in copy form or original.

PAN Cards are not accepted as identification by certain auto rentals. A photocopy of the documentation should always be kept. It may be requested by a vendor to keep a record.


Things to Bear in Mind in Goa When Renting a Car

Make sure to inspect any rental automobile for damage before leaving it. Always check to see whether the vehicle already has any dents or scrapes, then let the seller know about it.

For a set amount of time, cars are rented out. This can last anywhere from one day to three or four days. Please return it in time to prevent further fees. Pickup and drop charges are extra if you ask for car rental at Goa airport or Goa car rental airport.

Maintain a spotless interior for the car at all times. Never return the vehicle in an unkempt state. You may be required to pay the vendor for the car’s cleaning.

It is not permitted to drive a rented automobile outside of Goa or to particular hotels or nightclubs. Inquire with the car rental company about this and carefully review the list of locations.

The cancellation policies of the rental car providers differ. The fees are determined by the number of days you cancel your reservation prior to the pickup.

In contrast to public transit, driving a car does not limit you. Depending on your spending limit and the size of your social or familial group, you can hire it. You can maximise your trip by visiting distant locations at your convenience when you rent a car.

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