How to Use Technology in Teaching and Learning

For example, a new tool, WeVideo, enables instructors to record their lectures without the need for expensive classroom technology and post them online for students to watch. These tools do not diminish attendance, and students love the convenience of reviewing lectures at their own pace. Additionally, CTL can provide pedagogical tips on how to use technology in the classroom. It offers workshops through its partnership with UW-IT, and can create custom workshops for groups.

There are many reasons to integrate technology in your classroom. Often, the use of technology can enhance student engagement. Teachers can use clickers to gather student responses anonymously. This allows them to know when a question needs to be discussed further. As long as teachers have clear instructions and support, students will be more willing to participate. Even the most seasoned teacher can embrace technology if it enhances the learning experience.

While the use of technology in the classroom can increase student engagement, teachers should recognize that the traditional teaching style will need to evolve. Instead of being the center of attention, teachers can become the catalyst for learning. Depending on the type of technology introduced into the classroom, the level of refocus may vary. However, the benefits of using technology in the classroom can include: Having access to educational resources at all times, flexibility, and convenience, and greater communication.

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