6 Exciting Email Marketing Trends for Successful Campaigns

Email marketing trends help you find a better solution for communicating with your audience, finding new customers, and helping to grow your business via emails. Email marketing provides you with a reliable forum of communication between your brand and customers. It’s a cost-effective solution for the brands where their customers visit the inbox every day. 

Why follow email marketing trends?

Consumers are using email more and more on a daily basis. That’s music to your ears because that gives you access to the consumer pretty much from all over the world. Without any cost, imagine sitting in San Francisco, now you can build strong relationships with consumers in China, South Africa, Australia, London, and India with the same effort you put in currently. 

Since email traffic is so valuable, you must stay up to date with the latest trends to create campaigns that will boost your revenue. 

Introducing 6 Email Marketing Trends in a New Light

Email marketers and businesses must look at innovative ways and ensure new opportunities to ensure the success of their email marketing efforts. Email design is an essential part of a successful email marketing strategy. Yet, the face of email marketing has changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The following trends will tell you what’s working in the email marketing world. 

  1. Integrate AI into Email Marketing Strategy 

A lot of businesses find the concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence) still a bit confusing. You will find many newbies and experienced marketers who find artificial intelligence an effective email marketing source. Perhaps using advanced technology, marketers will find more data online than they collect from cutting-edge softwares. 

AI collects data with minimum effort applied. There is plenty of evidence that AI performs in email marketing regarding effective outreaches, list segmentation, content analysis, etc. Additionally, artificial intelligence performs tasks that include recognition of emotions, diagnosing illness, and problem-solving. 

With the latest technology, AI’s ability expands broadly. Since we live in a technological era where AI does human tasks faster, better, and with more precision, this a good time to integrate artificial intelligence in your email marketing strategy to optimize your marketing campaigns effectively. 

    2. Prospects of Hyper-Personalization

Email marketing serves many different objectives, such as brand awareness, re-engagement, etc. However, the end-goal of email marketing campaigns ends up with more revenue and boosts your business. Many experienced companies follow email marketing trends to get more outreach for their business. They also agree that one of the best ways to get your client is by personalizing your email. 

With the use of AI, you get a better picture of your customers’ likes, dislikes, and priorities. AI ensures more personalization by getting more data about your clients. 

Unfortunately, there are several companies that fail to comprehend the importance of hyper-personalization. Upon receiving non-personalized emails, customers’ behaviors are that they automatically delete the email, unsubscribe it, redirect to the spam, and become less willing to buy your product. 

The essential hyper-personalization of your email campaigns generates better ROI and brand exposure. For instance, personalized birthday email generates 340% more revenue than regular email campaigns. That is why many businesses follow the latest email marketing trends and choose the best email templates for their customers. 

  1. Drip Campaigns 


Never underestimate the power of drip campaigns, especially in the domain of email marketing. Let’s break down the power of drip campaigns. The typical email marketing companies would send emails at their convenient time, however, that wasn’t effective. Drip campaigns provide structure to one’s email marketing. 2022 is the year of change as automation is more effective than manual campaigns. 


Drip campaigns refer to a marketing strategy that integrates trigger-based email campaigns. The great benefit of drip campaigns is that it generates consistent and cohesive flow of communication between the business and the clientele. 


For the above reason, drip campaigns perform regular emails. Emails generated as a result of drip email marketing campaigns create friendly communication between company and client. The necessary information about the product/services is sent at the right time to the right people in the form of drip. 


  1. Utilize User-Generated Content


Your next email marketing campaign should be all about user-generated content.

Definitely! The value of UGC (User-Generated Content) is supported by many studies, including the one by Syndacast in 2015 in which 6 out of 10 consumers appreciate positive reviews and feedback, especially when it comes from users like themselves.

Don’t let your business miss out on that.

As far as email marketing is concerned, integrating UGC has the following benefits:

  • Brings in more conversions thanks to satisfied customers who support your brand.
  • Helps you stand out from the competition by being unique and different from most other marketers.  
  • Increases engagement because users are active participants of your emails.      
  • Brings in more conversions thanks to satisfied customers who support your brand. 

By including user-generated content in your messages, you make them more engaging and appealing. Those are two key elements for increasing engagement, which also means bringing in more conversions. People trust other customers like themselves more than brands.

Here’s an example: a retail store can send out an email campaign promoting a certain product they have on sale. Instead of using a promotional image, they could include a picture from one of their customers who already bought the product, and added a review in the filename or in the text describing it.

  1. Boost User Engagement with Interactive Content

According to a survey, there is a 55% increase in the possibility of users taking actions like sharing content, making purchases, and requesting information that can be achieved just by adding interactivity to your email campaigns. While this number may not look big enough, it is a huge increase when it comes to the success of your email campaigns.

Because interacting with emails makes them stand out from traditional text-based emails, businesses can use interactivity to make their communication more memorable and engaging for clients. Moreover, the integration of interactive content into email marketing strategies also works well in gaining customer trust because customers will be able to see how your company responds to requests.

What are some more reasons why you should create interactive emails?

– User engagement is boosted by 21%.

– The number of customers clicking on links is increased by 20%.

– If you create interactive emails, customers are 25% more likely to revisit your website.

If you wish to increase engagement with your email campaigns, then the use of interactive content will be a good choice for you. 

  1. Redesigning the Structure 


Ever since its inception, email marketing has become one of the most frequently used online marketing methods. It is so effective because it touches millions of people simultaneously in every corner of the world. Every second, millions of emails are sent out to millions of inboxes. However, this also means that there are a whole lot more emails to compete with.

This is the reason why redesigning an email structure will be beneficial for marketing campaigns. A new layout can help grab users’ attention and provide a fresh perspective that separates your campaign from other brands. It will not only create brand awareness but also ensure that your audience stays informed about what you are campaigning about. 

Here are some design tips that you can use to give your campaign a fresh and unique look:

  • Personalize emails
  • Change layout
  • Tell a story
  • Make it visual
  • Use a mix of colors


Email is a great funnel you can use to nurture leads and generate sales, but it can only work if you study the data and have the perfect strategy for your business. Experimenting with these six email marketing trends for your business will make your email design immaculate.


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