6 Qualities That Make Great Websites

Great Websites

There is no better marketing element that a quality website, the showroom to your products. It is not enough to have good web design as it will not be able to attract customers and convert them in to leads, so you need to get a great website to achieve this. In the market you will get a range of pre-fabricated templates and themes that will enable you to create a website easily that is if you want it simple. It may be sufficient for giving a basic start to your small business but you will need a unique website to differentiate from others. Engage best Website design company India to induct great qualities so it makes a comprehensive web design.

So what is a great web design?

Well plotted and functional

The business website of yours represents your products, services, and overall your brand. So it should be apparently looking appealing, professional and polished. Allow uncluttered layouts, white space, induct quality graphics and photos and let the message flow through them. it is also equally significant that it works swiftly and flawlessly and as expected by you and your prospects. Structure it with web standards so you are not left behind in the race, and proof read and test the site regularly before you launch it. Functionality of every page should be extremely quick and fluent or visitors will hit the back button.

Make it User-Friendly

User experience or UX plays a major part in keeping probable customers on your web page. People are always in a hurry to get information out of a website so making them work for their data can frustrate them and force them to leave hurriedly. Your navigation should be logical, obvious and clear with hierarchy. For flawless functionality across the site you must use layouts that are consistent and with visual cues. The website should satisfy everyone whether they are coming for information or just browse the grass. The website should keep them engaged by constantly suggesting towards related content and reducing cul-de-sacs.

Optimize the site for mobile users

Without any excuse the site should perform well in all platforms besides looking great. Evolution of mobile phones and tablets are increasing at break neck speed. And you won’t know what your future customer will be using in the next few months. Optimizing web pages and navigation to mobile standards will enhance user experience besides increasing search engine rankings.

Induct quality, fresh content

Be new, interesting and to the point with your content. Use a language that users will understand and make sense. Corporate jargons and acronyms should be completely avoided as not everyone is capable of understanding them. Visitors have less time so spell words correctly, be relevant and accurate and refresh content regularly. To add fresh content you can use blogs, and social media and that will make visitors to make a return trip.

Provide easy access contact and location

On the internet you cannot be a celebrity and people will not chase you down to find you. Make contact and access easy for them by providing phone numbers, email address, social media ID and also a contact form on the website that is easy to use. Providing a Google map additionally will work as a bonus. Make a separate contact page and made available all the above information and some more. If you have and mark the navigation button for the page prominently and at every page.

Optimize the site for search engines and social media

Building a good looking website and functionalities is not enough, and it has to generate traffic. Organic traffic can be harvested from search engines and social media platforms. You could engage the services of an all-round website design company India who will also add the above elements so the site is ready to the search engine bots and provide them with fodder which wil result in to higher rankings and increased customer traffic.

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