5 Gemstone Jewelry Trends to Follow This New Year

Aquamarine Jewelry

Gemstone adornments have been a well-known design frill for a really long time, and every year, recent fads arise. It’s time to look at some of the hottest gemstone jewelry trends for 2023 as we start a new year. In this blog entry, we will examine the main five gemstone jewelry drifts that you want to follow this New Year. The most recent runway shows, fashion magazines, and endorsements from famous people are the basis for these trends. Let’s begin!

5 Gemstone Jewelry Trends to Follow This New Year

Moonstone Jewelry

Wearable moonstone jewelry has been used for millennia, but recently its appeal has grown as a result of its mystical and ethereal qualities. This gemstone is frequently linked to femininity, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment due to its likeness to the iridescent surface of the moon. Moonstone jewelry comes in a range of colours, including white, grey, and peach, and the way it shimmers changes with the light.

Moonstone Jewelry
Moonstone Jewelry

In 2023, moonstone jewelry is anticipated to be one of the most well-liked styles in gemstone jewelry. Designers are using moonstone into cocktail rings, delicate earrings, and dramatic necklaces. Moonstones are also being mixed with other gemstones like sapphires and diamonds to make unique and striking pieces of jewelry. If you want to add a mystical and whimsical touch to your jewelry collection, think about buying moonstone jewelry.

Aquamarine Jewelry

A magnificent green-blue gemstone, aquamarine is used to make jewelry that is claimed to offer harmony, clarity, and calm to the user. This gemstone is precisely what you need if you’re looking to feel at peace as the New Year gets started. Aquamarine jewelry is available in a range of hues, from light blue to deep green, in anything from traditional stud earrings to bold cocktail rings. One of the biggest trends in aquamarine jewelry is the use of organic forms and natural textures, and this give the gemstone a earthlier and more bohemian atmosphere.

Larimar Jewelry

The Dominican Republic’s stunning blue Larimar jewelry stone is widely used in jewelry creations. It looks wonderful with every outfit thanks to its relaxing vibe and distinctive colour. In recent years, interest in this precious and potent diamond has grown. It makes for a wonderful discussion starter due to its distinctive green colour and alien origins.

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When buying gemstone jewelry, it’s critical to check for high-quality components and ethical sourcing, whether from a gemstone jewelry manufacturer or a gemstone jewelry supplier. Consider supporting regional small companies and craftsmen that create custom gemstone jewelry as well.

Opal Jewelry:

Along with rubies, jade, pearls, diamonds, and sapphires, opals jewelry are one of the six most expensive gemstones in the world. Although we may be biased, any gemstone jewelry supplier will tell you that the opal is the most interesting of these jewels. Anyone may look forward to this fantastic choice in the New Year.

Moldavite Jewelry:

You have an on the forefront access to the universe with moldavite jewelry. These jewels have no restrictions; the moldavite pendants may be worn at any desired length on your own chain, choker, or cord. You have the option to change out your moldavite necklace or bracelet at any time when wearing pendants.

Upcoming Trends in the Gemstone Jewelry this Year

Look to some popular trends in gemstone jewelry that have been seen in recent years and may be trendy in 2018.

  • Colored Diamonds: White diamonds have always been in demand, but coloured diamonds are now growing more fashionable. They are frequently utilized in engagement rings and other special occasion gemstone jewelry and available in a number of colours, such as pink, blue, and yellow.

  • Unique Cuts: Unique cuts have grown in popularity over recent years. To provide a more distinctive and customized look, gemstones are being cut into forms other than the conventional round or princess cut, such as trapezoids, kite shapes, and hexagons.

  • Birthstones: Wearing jewelry with one’s birthstone or that of a loved one is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, you may wear a sentimental, significant piece of birthstone jewelry every day.

  • Layering: In recent years, wearing many pieces of gemstone jewelry together has gained popularity. Layering necklaces, bracelets, and rings is one way to do this and give you a distinctive and individual style.

  • Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry: The effects of the jewelry business on the environment and ethical issues are becoming increasingly well known. As a result, gemstone jewelry that is ethically sourced, produced from recycled metals, and sustainable is growing in popularity.

Final words:

The trends in gemstone jewelry that have been seen in recent years are only a few examples. But it’s crucial to remember that fashion trends are always growing and changing, making it challenging to foresee with absolute certainty which styles will be fashionable in the future.

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In conclusion, wearing jewelry made of gemstones jewelry is a wonderful way to provide colour and personality to your ensemble. Try combining a few of these trends into your jewelry line this year, and don’t forget to promote ethical and responsible production methods.

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