Top 5 Powerful Gemstones That Can Bring Good Fortune

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Everyone in this world wants to be a lucky one, whose all desires and dreams come true without any hurdle or failure in their life. But unfortunately, it happens in rare chances of life, as success and failure depend on our efforts, determination, and sometimes on luck. In this modern world, everybody is busy making fame and money, but few of them get success and achieve their targeted goals.

In this entire procedure, many believe that the luck factor plays a big role. Therefore, since ancient civilizations, human beings have tried looking for a solution to convert bad luck into good luck. Some pray to God to bring the best fortune, whereas many believe that wearing or holding gemstones can be a way to bring good luck in life. ┬áThe belief that wearing or possessing gemstones like obsidian helps us to lessen hardship and negative energy has persisted from our ancestors to the present age. So, In this blog, you will read about five enchanting crystals that can bring good fortune to everyone. So let’s get started.

1. The Stone of Transformation- Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the best gemstones used for creating jewel objects and healing purposes. Moreover, it is considered the most powerful and protective crystal that stimulates the mind and emotions by its purple color attributes. As per historians, ancient Egyptians were used to wearing the Amethyst jewelry to protect themselves from bad vibes and fearful feelings. In the current scenario, the Amethyst gemstone is considered a traditional birthstone for February-born persons, bringing pleasure and good destiny.

2. The Stone of New Beginnings- Moonstone

Moonstone is an evergreen gemstone that never disappoints its wearer because of its shining luster existence on its surface. The mineral from the feldspar group is enormously popular among new-age groups, as the gemstone has the ability to transfer the Moon’s powers to its users. As the Moon stands for happiness, joy, and calmness for the whole universe, thus the Moonstone jewelry also promotes tranquility in its carrier. In addition, it also enables the person to know his inner potential and qualities to achieve big in life.

3. Queen of all gemstones- Opal

Opal is an elegant gemstone that every gem enthusiast picks up as his first choice; that is why it has been called the queen of all gemstones. The gemstone has been used to manufacture jewel accessories and for healing purposes since its origin. Opal is the sign of love, affinity, and loyalty for whoever uses it. Wearing the Opal ring allows its user to bring life on track if one is passing through a struggle phase in life. In addition, Vedic Astrology suggests an Opal gemstone for October-born persons as their conventional birthstone.

4. Soothing stone of Mind and Spirit-Mookaite

Mookaite is deemed as a trans-formative gemstone that carries influential and healing capacities. The gemstone comes in the hues of yellows, reds, and purples. Moreover, it is a grounding stone containing attributes of waters and calming nature, which helps the mind and spirit soothingly. Hence, wearing the Mookaite jewelry will serve you with its healing advantages physically, mentally, and spiritually.

5. A stone from the Caribbean Region- Larimar

Larimar is a blue color pectolite from the Caribbean region of the Dominican Republic. It comprises the energies of the universe’s five elements: earth, sky, water, fire, and air. Persons who were born during the springtime deem it as their birthstone that satisfies their birth planet and zodiac sign of Leo. Therefore Larimar jewelry allows the user to grasp all the benefits of the gemstone.


Although all gemstones are perfect for wearing purposes as per their natural values, but wearing them significantly also matters. So, it would help to approach an authentic palace while buying gemstone jewelry, online or offline. However, buying gemstone jewelry online has become more accessible due to easy availability at doorsteps at any time. So, you can go online after researching important facts about crystal jewelry.

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