What Does a 6 and 12 Rose Flower Arrangement Signify?

A bouquet of roses is one of the most amazing and timeless gifts one can give or receive. The perfect gift for any occasion. The number of roses in a bouquet that a loved one gives you has hidden meanings. 

There are a few differences between the number of roses that profess one’s love and the number that congratulate or apologise to the other. Read on if you are looking to find out what a significant 6 or 12-rose flower arrangement signifies, either intentionally or unintentionally.

1. Six Roses Bouquet 

Six roses are for moods that scream ‘crazy in love.’ It may be your most recent crush and fate that brought you together or an adult and unexpected flirty moment. However, if you are deeply or madly hooked on someone, you should deliver six roses to them. 

Getting a 6 Rose Bouquet in Laredo, Tx is the perfect way to express an infatuated relationship and it comes in handy when:

  • You want to celebrate your long-term, passionate love partner
  • You want to tell someone you want to take your relationship to the next level, especially at engagement parties
  • You are looking for an amazing bouquet to deliver on a more casual occasion.

2. Twelve Roses Bouquet

A lot of people believe that the 12-rose flower arrangement is the same thing as purchasing the 6 Rose Bouquet in Laredo, Tx. A 12-rose bouquet is another popular number of roses that means, telling your special someone ‘Be Mine.’ 

Offering a dozen roses is like telling your partner you won the lottery with them, while at the same time being one of the simplest and most sincere ways to ask the love of your life to be yours. It’s probably the equivalent to one of those adorable teddy bears that read ‘You are my world.’


Now that you know what the 6 and 12 rose number arrangements mean, you can make an order to deliver one of them to your loved ones. With the right number, you will be able to deliver the right message without needing too many words. Feel free to check out other vibrant number collections of rose bouquets to see what suits you.

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