Benefits of a Light Duty Racking System

Having a light duty racking system installed in your warehouse can help you save money on your overhead costs. In addition, it will help you save space and allow you to easily locate the items you need.

Medium duty racks have better loading capacity per tier

Compared to Light Duty Racking Systems, Medium Duty Racking Systems offer a better loading capacity per tier. This makes it ideal for commercial warehouses and industrial facilities. The load bearing capacity per level ranges from 300kg to 500kg.

This is a strong shelving system that is suitable for all storage applications. Its load capacity ranges from 600kg to 2000kg per level.

These racks are available in a wide range of sizes and are perfect for storage in industrial and commercial facilities. They are durable and are made of high-grade materials. They are designed to last for years. They can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, and distribution. They are suitable for archiving, as well as storage of loose goods.

The Medium Duty Racking Systems used in industrial and commercial facilities are typically made from 18mm Plywood, 12mm HDF Board, or a combination of these. The design is typically deeper than Light Duty Racking Systems and tends to have longer horizontal beam lengths.

They are also available in cantilever or single-sided models. They have better depth profiles than Light Duty Racking Systems, which allow for heavier goods to be stored. They also have better corner accessibility.

They can be used in combination with manual picking shelves, which allow for better product management. They are usually designed to store two or four pallets deep. They are mainly used in warehouses and industrial facilities.

They can be used with a semi-electric pallet jack. They require at least two people to carry. They also require additional components to bolt together.

These racks are typically used in warehouses, retail shops, and offices. The optimal height for a rack system in an office is 2 meters. This allows a person to reach the top of the rack without a ladder.

Medium Duty Racking Systems are generally recommended for goods that weigh more than 80KG. They are not recommended for goods that weigh less than 20KG. They are also not recommended for machinery use.

Compared to Light Duty Racking Systems, Medium Duty Racking Systems have better depth profiles and loading capacity per tier. They are mainly designed for industrial and commercial facilities.

Pallet racks

Using pallet racks is an easy way to increase the amount of storage space available for your warehouse or retail facility. The system can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. It can also be moved by remote control. However, it’s important to check your racking regularly for safety reasons. You should also have your racking inspected by an experienced professional for damage and missing components.

The American National Standards Institute has developed guidelines for warehouse racking. These standards are not applicable to all racking systems. This is because the design and specifications of a pallet rack may vary. It’s also important to understand the difference between the components of a pallet rack.

The uprights, beams, and supports are the main components of a pallet rack system. They work together to support the pallet rack. These components are designed to keep the pallet rack stable, and prevent the system from tipping over.

Upright frames are made from structural steel. They are connected to each other by beams. The beams are horizontal bars that traverse the uprights. Each beam is secured to the uprights with bolts. These bolts keep the beam and upright from moving around.

Pallet rack beams are available in many different lengths, styles, and heights. They are also available with optional supports. These supports allow for better air circulation. They are also often used to support heavy items.

Pallet racks are usually manufactured from premium quality materials. They are also available in high-visibility colors, which are very important in retail environments. This helps workers to see the racks easily.

Wire decking is another commonly used safety feature. It expands the surface area of the pallets, and allows better air circulation. This also serves as an effective way to control water flow from sprinkler systems. It also comes in many different styles, which is helpful for different applications.

The beams and uprights of a pallet racking system are designed to support the maximum anticipated load safely. However, if the system is not properly secured, the system could be susceptible to catastrophic collapse. Thankfully, pallet rack manufacturers offer attachments to secure load-bearing beams.

Modular structures with gravity fed racks

Flow racking structures are an essential part of Lean Manufacturing. They allow production lines to operate without stopping and increase productivity. In addition, they are ideal for Kanban systems. In fact, they can increase storage capacity by up to 30%.

Flow racks come in many different shapes and sizes. Some common designs include keg flow racks, portable flow racks, and gravity flow shelving. They are also referred to as first in first out racking or gravity fed racks. They are used in a variety of industries and applications. They are commonly used in perishable goods warehouses. They can also be used as a base storage system for automated warehouses.

A flow rack can increase storage capacity by up to 30%. They can be used with automatic devices such as pallet shuttles. In addition, they are ideal for perishable goods and merchandise with continuous entry and exit flows.

Flow racks are commonly used in perishable goods warehouses. They can also be installed with stacker cranes for pallets. They are a good choice for goods that are subject to strict FIFO criteria.

Carton flow pallet racks are designed for the storage of full cartons and small boxes. They are available in both light duty and heavy duty designs. They can be integrated with other systems to create a pick module.

Carton and case flow racks are used in a variety of applications. They can accommodate a wide range of shelf heights, case sizes, and weights. They are also flexible enough to adapt to light duty or heavy duty applications.

Flow racks can be incorporated into workstations to save floor space and reduce costs. They can be customized with pick trays, workbenches, and lane tracks. In addition, they can be integrated with beds, casters, and toolbars.

Flow racks can increase productivity because they reduce the need for employees to step into the production area to load containers. They can also reduce fork lift handling and lessen product damage. They are also a good option for FIFO inventory management.

Flow racking structures are available in structural steel and UV-resistant paint. They can be installed in single-sided or double-sided configurations. They are ideal for the health care and food industries.


Whether you’re looking for a simple or complex storage solution, you’ll find a wide range of light duty racking systems from TTF STORAGE Systems. These systems are ideal for warehouses, cold storage facilities and even frozen warehouses. They offer a wide range of uses and can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, they offer exclusive locking systems for safe and convenient storage.

The TTF Double Deep Racking System offers an efficient storage solution for both long and wide items. This system has a maximum storage capacity of four pallets deep, and is designed to fit the needs of most warehousing locations. In addition, this system provides 50% more immediate access to storage than traditional pallet racking. In addition, it is easy to install and dismantle, making it a cost-effective option.

The TTF Steel Platform is a popular choice for many applications. It can be manufactured from mild steel plate or a solid universal beam. This system is easy to install, and requires less column supports. It is also collapsible, so it can be easily transported from one location to another. The system can also be used for indoor or outdoor storage.

The TTF Heavy Duty Mezzanine Floor is ideal for industrial or commercial locations. Its unique design allows for instant access to stock handling and provides a safe storage environment. It is also an efficient multi-tier application, and can be installed in a wide variety of configurations.

The TTF Storage Carton Box is ideal for storing files and folders in a compact manner. It can be installed in two different sizes, and is designed to organize files and folders in a clean and organized manner. In addition, it is available in a boltless design, allowing you to easily remove and reload it. It also features a removable tray, allowing you to organize files by category. This system is easy to maintain, and can be easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance.

The TTF Selective Pallet Racking system is also available in a variety of configurations, offering an efficient, low-cost storage solution for pallets of all sizes. In addition, it can be easily set up in single-sided or double-sided runs, and can be used to store products from 1000kg to 3000kg.

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