Rebrand Cannabis Brand with Custom Pre-Roll Joint Packaging:

The Pre-roll joint has become a high-demand item in the cannabis business. Are you selling high-end pre-roll joints in a readymade box and anxious about sales? Just eliminate all your worries. So now it’s the exact time to renovate your cannabis brand. Yes, you have read it right—we at iCustomBoxes craft personalized pre-roll joint box packaging following your demands. Our packaging team comprises highly qualified and experienced designers with years of experience in packaging and can mould the box into any desirable shape and size. Please don’t wait and get hold of us to bring your collapsing brand to life.

What are the Trendiest Customized Options for Design Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes?

What does it include in our customized options? We provide endless personalized solutions to create a unique bespoke package. Our latest solutions involve the following:

  • customize boxes in all personalized shapes, sizes, and colours
  • long-lasting manufacturing material for a sturdy package
  • innovative printing techniques, offset and digital
  • coatings for a durable and catchy packaging
  • add-ons and finishings for the accomplishment of box packaging

You must be wondering how to pick up the appropriate one’s options. You can select whatever suits your taste and product’s needs. However, no need to worry as we offer free cost design assistance from our skilled designers. Who stay connected with you throughout the manufacturing process.

Pre-Roll Boxes in Diverse Box Styles:

As pre-rolls come in different lengths, you need a bespoke package with befitting packaging. Besides this, they are delicate and at risk of moisture and contamination. A readymade box with poor-quality material makes them more vulnerable to exterior damage. So, pre-roll joint boxes wholesale is manufactured in this way that gives safe storage to pre-roll joints from all types of harm. Our experienced packaging creators can produce any package following your demands regarding designs and printing. Tray and sleeve, and cigarette box are the most useable option for pre-roll joints. We also add inserts in the tray to segregate the rolls and prevent them from colliding with each other. Moreover, counter display boxes placed on retail shelves are a promotional tool to attract buyers.

Choose Durable Material for Long-Lasting Packaging:

As mentioned above, rolls are fragile, and the possibility of their damage increases while shipping the order. Therefore, you must select a sustainable and sturdy stock that keeps rolls in their natural form and preserves their aroma for an extended time. We make sure to use 100% biodegradable kraft and cardboard paper. Kraft is suitable for packing lightweight rolls. But cardboard is the best option if you wish to give an aesthetically appealing look. It is easily adaptable to any shape and form. To make packaging more intriguing, you can print the box with lamination and various add-ons. In comparison, corrugated is sturdier than cardboard and helps safely ship delicate items.

Plenty of Additional Features to Produce a Tempting Packaging:

We must acknowledge the importance of intriguing packaging. Today, trends are changed. People concentrate on box packaging rather than the inside product. We employ a wide range of add-ons, laminations, and finishings elements to give a fascinating look to the packaging. Their details are as follows:

First Rate Packaging Supplier for Pre-Roll Joint Packaging: ICB, why do you have to choose us? Don’t hesitate to elect us as your packaging partner. Our company ranks among the high-end packaging provider. In a very short period, we have attained the loyalty of many customers. Besides this, we make sure to make this whole customized

process the most rememberable and convenient one. We offer:

  • free of cost shipping all over the USA and Canada
  • free and instant quote facility
  • quickest turnaround time
  • no plates and die-cut fee
  • free design support from professional experts
  • 3D design samples without any charges
  • availability of customer representative team all around the time




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