AI In Event Matchmaking – A Must-Have Feature

Event Matchmaking

With the shift to technology, more tools are coming to the market for enhancing the user experience in the best possible way. Similarly, many Online Exhibition Platforms are using AI matchmaking for making their event successful in many aspects.

AI matchmaking is a very powerful feature that searches for a person with similar interests and tastes during the live event. It not only helps in finding new ones but also creates strong connections with them. This blog will explore different aspects of AI Matchmaking and its importance for event platforms.

Defining The Term – AI Matchmaking 

Most Event Platforms are focusing on the creation of strong connections, expanding the audience reach, finding potential customers, and above all generating opportunities. With the help of AI Matchmaking, finding an attendee with similar interests as yours has become easy and hustle-free. In addition to this, they can have real-time interaction with them which is very good for making potential connections. 

The world of meetings, Online Video Conferences, etc., has taken on a dynamic look over the past few years. With more hard work to do in moving parts of the event, such as setting up physical venues, inviting keynote speakers, doing the post-event work, and much more.

AI has cut down on everything. For the sake of the convenience of the host as well as the audience, matchmaking has played a very important role. The major change AI matchmaking has brought about is enhanced networking opportunities for businesses.

Role Of AI In Event Matchmaking 

When attending any type of virtual event that involves a large volume of participants, if you opt to go without AI, you’ll surely get into trouble. Examining those long lists of participants and matching their profiles is a bit of a lengthy task to perform. After a lot of hard work, you’ll be able to shortlist a small list of attendees for the networking process.

With the help of AI, you are able to identify your perfect match for the day. In addition to this, it also helps in creating a strong connection with the selected one. Let’s say in other words, tries to provide you with relevant searches. until you find a suitable match.

In the other context, there are so many lists of companies with their features, products, and services. But it is very difficult to filter them all at once. With the help of AI matchmaking, all the unnecessary items that are not relevant to the audience are thus eliminated to better serve them.

Prominent Benefits Of AI Matchmaking 

They Are A Time-Saving Option 

With the help of AI-powered matchmaking, you can easily perform your day-to-day tasks easily, accurately, and, most importantly, swiftly within the allotted time. In addition to this, when it comes to the sorting of the data, AI comes into the picture. For handling large chunks of data within a given specific time, AI works better than anyone. They not only segment all the information in a systematic manner but also make it easier for your consumption.

Providing Valuable Insights

If your goal is to analyze the performance of your event, then AI makes this task easier for you. With the help of AI matchmaking, event organizers can easily get to know the participants’ reasons for attending the event, the generation of new leads, the points or areas in which your event is lagging behind, and much more.

Promote Exhibitors 

The major goal of the exhibitors is to maximize their audience reach while keeping the session interactive in the best possible way. The AI matchmaking helps these exhibitors by providing a list of potential participants who can be contacted after the event gets over.

However, the list is prepared by accepting the auto-generated request from the attendees. With the help of online exhibition platforms, engagement with the audience has set new benchmarks for understanding and cooperation.

Efficient Networking 

Matchmaking at events driven by AI improves networking effectiveness. Events handled by AI allow event planners to reach out to a larger audience. As a result, interactions are smoother and relationships are stronger.

Working On Increasing Engagement 

An AI-powered matching event pleases attendees’ curiosity and increases engagement. Greater audience participation leads to a better, more loyal group of customers. Other benefits include more revenue and the development of a large number of leads that might be on target.

Shifting Towards The New Era

With its effectiveness in quickly understanding user patterns, the AI has almost completely transformed the traditional way of networking. With the help of these features, the event planners are able to collect the valuable information of each and every individual who registers himself on the landing page. In addition to this, it works for the business in terms of finding potential clients, which is very fruitful for them.

These tools keep a close eye on the responses and feedback of the audience during the event. In addition to this, they further prioritize their interests for better outcomes. Overall, this results in higher lead generation, more sales opportunities, and good business marketing. On the registration pages, these services collect the data of the user and sort it out on the basis of form filling.

Final Thoughts 

We have long past the point of manual work in the events sector, and AI is now seen as the industry’s future. The usage of AI technology makes sure that events are planned, arranged, and tailored to provide the best possible experiences. AI makes it feasible to provide each event participant with a unique event atmosphere.

Platforms and event planners can now take full advantage of AI-powered matchmaking technologies. They can identify ideal matches, thanks to the pandemic era. It will be interesting to see how this trend of implementing automation for event matchmaking develops and changes over time.


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