Writing an Argumentative Essay That Stands Out

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are a common type of essay that you’ll find in all areas of life. When writing an argumentative essay, the writer aims at arguing a point concerning a certain topic such that in the end, the audience can embrace the writer’s point of view. Therefore, to write a winning argumentative essay, the writer needs to have an understanding of several aspects.

First, there must be a topic such that the essay’s argument is derived from it. Topics from which an argument may be derived are numerous and diverse. In fact, an argumentative essay may be crafted from within any academic profession. Consider, for example, sociology, topics such as ethical violence, divorce, community intermarriages, and so forth may be used to develop varying arguments.

the best example of an Argumentative essay according to Essay tize Experts is Concerning divorce, for example, someone may argue that “most divorces in America are caused by poor communication skills” or perhaps “domestic violence is the leading cause of divorce in China.” Well, these are simply examples of arguments on which a writer can develop an essay.

So, What Are The Components of An Argumentative Essay?

As we can already agree, an argumentative essay must be developed from a topic that allows varying opinions. The writer’s opinion concerning the topic becomes his or her argument. For the argument to win the audience over, the writer must create an introductory section in which he introduces the idea or claim. In the introduction, the writer utilizes a thesis statement which acts as the essay’s backbone. Generally, although the ideology is different, an argumentative essay looks similar to any other essay:

  • A Title
  • An Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • A Conclusion

The best introduction, in addition to having a well-thought-out thesis statement, it should hook the reader like a spell. While the thesis statement is the backbone, the body paragraphs are the meat. They are where you’ll find the writer’s points of support and evidence for his or her claim. To write convincing and acceptable body paragraphs, the writer must have conducted exhaustive research about the argument.

Research allows the writer to find tangible evidence that supports his argument. As several points may be available, each paragraph should introduce a unique point and elaborate on it. Evidence is crucial when it comes to argumentative essays. Hence, by extension, the writer must be adept with citation styles which must be used to cite evidence within the essay. The common citing styles are APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Oxford.

The conclusion which in most cases is the last paragraph wraps up the essay. It is the section in which the writer rests his case. Having developed a convincing argument throughout the essay, it is in the conclusion that the writer appeals to the reader’s emotions for the reader to buy the writer’s idea. Without bringing on board any new ideas, the writer may as well include a call to action in this section.

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