Vital Rules in USA That Every International Student Must Know

International Student

Compared to your home country, the USA has some very strict rules and regulations that must be followed by all the international students living there. An omission that seems minor to you can problematize your stay in the USA further. You must be familiar with some of the prominent rules prevalent in the country or the locality you are staying at. Otherwise, get ready to face the legal consequences.

When you break any rule in the USA, then they won’t hesitate to deport you back to your home country. Therefore, get to know some of the important rules and regulations prevalent in the USA through this article.

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Take a look at the following rules and regulations in the USA that every international student must know:  

  • Call 911

The universal emergency number i.e. 911 can save you from life-threatening situations. Yes, if you have seen any violent or life-threatening act happening in front of your eyes, then, don’t hesitate to dial 911. Your instant action can save you and someone else from dangerous situations. Dial this number to get emergency assistance. As you will dial the number, the officials will respond to you within seconds and will also provide you with the necessary guidance on the spot. Thus, remember to dial 911 if you are a witness to any crime or life-threatening situation.

  • Harassment and Staking are the serious crimes 

Well, in India, most people ignore it if they feel harassed by other people or don’t think it necessary to inform the police. But do you know harassment and even stalking are serious crimes in the USA? Therefore, if you are seen doing any aggressive behavior other than self-defense then, get ready to face legal trouble. Even cyber abuse can also make you face legal trouble. But defending yourself is not prohibited.

  • Alcohol 

Do you know that if your age is below 21 then, you can’t buy alcohol in the USA? Yes, a person under the age of 21 can’t consume alcohol at any cost. Also, breaking the rules of drink and driving can get the violator expelled from the USA within a few days. Therefore, if you are not in the state to drive after drinking alcohol. Then, prefer to reach home on other transportation options. During late nights, you can save the contact details of the trusted transport option on your smartphone. One more thing to remember, public drinking is also prohibited no matter if you are under the age of 21 or above that.

  • Marijuana

It is not difficult to locate the plants of Marijuana in the plots of India. Even they are used in many rituals in India and have been used for medical uses. But in the USA, the use of marijuana is illegal. Therefore, avoid using marijuana while you stay in the USA. Also, driving after consuming marijuana can also make the authorities revoke your USA visa. Therefore, be cautious if you love marijuana. Keep a distance from this plant. However, the government has allowed the recreational use of marijuana in some locations in the USA.

  • Part-Time Work Rules 

Well, as an international student in the USA, you can have the opportunity to earn while studying. But there are some restrictions that you must pay attention to. And these restrictions also depend on the type of visa you have. You must get knowledge about off-campus employment, Severe economic hardship, CPT, and OPT. Do you desire to pursue 1-year diploma courses in USA? If yes, then link with the highly-experienced visa consultants to get meticulous details and receive your USA visa in a short interval of time.


It is better to ask for more guidance on this sort of concept from the visa consultants. However, you must also make efforts to know the rules and regulations in the USA through extensive research. We hope that you will pay attention to the rules and regulations elaborated on above and abide by them all during your stay in the USA.

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