16 Tasty Alternatives to The Classic Wedding Cakes

We have said it before, and we will say it again: A traditional wedding cake won’t go out of style ever. But why settle for a typical white & classic confection when your wedding day can be an attraction that is uniquely yours. So, order cakes online now or send cakes online to your friend’s wedding party now.

Whether you are not a lover of ordinary big-day cakes or are hooked on a selected sweet treat, your wedding dessert is the ideal opportunity to share your tastes together with your guests. Ready for inspiration? Consider dressing up a standard cake with extra treats (doughnuts or macarons, for example), choosing a completely different sweet (brownies, waffles, & hello!), or embracing a non-cake dessert to celebrate your wedding heritage or location.


Here are the top 16 tasty alternatives to the classic wedding cakes for you all. So, avail of our finest online cake delivery in USA services now.


Worried that your cake alternative will not feel wedding-worthy? If you do not want to deviate too far away from a standard big-day dessert, create a treat shaped like one. albeit this stack was made from flapjacks, the cake-inspired shape that made the “confection” feel bridal rather than brunch-ready.


While wedding cakes could also be customary at American celebrations, just look to other cultures to break the dessert mold. Croquembouche is a patisserie confection that is made with cotton candy & cream puffs and is usually served at French nuptials.

Spanish Influence

Similarly, France’s neighbor – Spain, is a superb source of dessert inspiration. Spanish weddings feature low & wide cakes oftentimes that are a lot more custard-forward than buttercream-filled, just like this Cocina con Marta confection served at a really beloved wedding celebration.


If you would like a cake alternative that’s both delicate & flavorful, this is often the choice for you. Millefoglie may be a traditional Italian wedding dessert along with layers of custard cream, fresh fruit, and puff pastry. This Dolci Di Nary confection served at a Wanderlust Events Wedding had a touch of something extra, too. Moreover, you can take online cake delivery in UK, USA or other countries.


Of course, a cheese-inspired offering is often sweet as well, if you decide on a cheesecake. These desserts are implausibly versatile and may be crammed with almost anything; this wedding couple, with help from Inspire Styling, chose fresh blueberry together with their Heeelijk confection’s flavors.

Bundt Cake

If you & your soon-to-be spouse want to have a traditional cake-cutting ceremony, then choose a dessert as an alternative that has to be sliced before you serve it. Bundt cakes are nothing like Bundt Cakes but still lend themselves to the tradition.

Heart Cake

A love-filled fête involves a heart-shaped dessert; a singular cake shape may be a surefire thanks to setting your wedding treat apart. Aquarella Cakes are made of this couple’s heart-shaped custard confection and it is completed as a masterpiece with fresh strawberries topping.

Macaron Tower

Take a note of this macaron now if you are a fan of the crowd-favorite French pastries. Displaying these sugary discs are often tricky, but never impossible. A custom stand allows the Gateau bites to stay jittery and stacked during a unique ombré pattern, making a cohesive & elegant display.


Donut walls have achieved popularity at weddings over the last few years. Rethink that trend by showcasing these desserts in a pyramid shape, but instead, à la this M Cakes Sweets creation. The result? A treat that resembles a marriage cake, but still diverges from tradition.’

Chocolate Croquembouche

Chocolate-lovers, here is a cake alternative for you. Rather than blanketing the surface of this chou tower in cotton candy, as is folklore for a French croquembouche, the bakery chef at Winni Cakes & More gave the tower of Toast Events Wedding with a decadent coating of chocolate.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Maybe you do not need a pastry-focused dessert in the least. If so, frozen dessert may be a great idea. Frozen dessert sandwiches, like from The Catered Affair, are a specifically fun treat for summer weddings; serve a couple of flavors from your favorite parlor for a customized touch.

Key Lime Pie

One reason couples prefer to forgo classic wedding cakes is that they might rather have desserts that are pre-portioned for every individual guest. If you are among those duos, mini lime pies are a solid option. How lovely are these treats from Paws Up?

Color Coordinated

This couple skipped a standard confection, opting instead to supply their guests with mini mousse servings from Sensations Catering. Pro Tip: to make sure your dessert selection seamlessly fits with your wedding vibe, have the sweets plated to go with the aesthetic of the remainder of your event’s design. Because of the pool of turmeric, these treats referenced the terra-cotta elements woven throughout their celebration, which evokes the DC plan.


If pancakes are not quite what you had in consideration for a big-day dessert, look to a different breakfast staple – Belgian waffles. Since they are made during a waffle iron, this breakfast-inspired treat stacks nicely into a cake; top your creation off with topping, which takes the place of frosting.


Are you along with your soon-to-be spouse hosting a fall wedding? Pies, like this Buttermilk Sky Pie, are an excellent replacement for the quality cake. Since they are available in only about every flavor imaginable, they are also perfect for couples who cannot choose only one (serve up an array to hide all of your bases!).

Topped With Love

Skipping a classic bridecake does not preclude you from having an exceptional topper. Whatever dessert you finish up serving, an adjunct will make the entire treat feel more big-day worthy as well. This couple’s Bundt Cakes stack was gained from a bent wire attachment, which showcased their initials.

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