Guide To Buy The Perfect Comforters & Bedsheets

Even the best bed frame and mattress look lifeless and boring without beautiful bed linen like a bedsheet and a comforter They complement the bed in ways that you cannot imagine. There is no comfort in having a bed without a beautiful bed sheet covering it and a nice cosy comforter to pull over when the chill of the night kicks in. Everyone is well aware of how essential sleep is to charge the body’s batteries and remain healthy. A bed sheet and comforter combination are those elements that give comfort to the bed and also enhance the aesthetic of the bedroom. Online shopping is the most preferred way to shop. How do you pick the perfect comforter and bedsheet online without touching and feeling them? Read below to learn how to buy the perfect bed linen, and where to shop, Check out Wakefit one of the most popular sleep solution retailers in India. 

Flat vs Fitted Sheet – Which is Better?

A flat bedsheet is a rectangular piece of cloth that rests on the surface of the mattress. It is also called a top sheet and offers a layer of comfort as well as protecting the mattress from accidental spills, sweat, grime, dust mites, and more. If you choose to have a flat sheet on your bed you can leave it lying or tuck it in. The main problem is that the sheet does not remain in place if there is a restless sleeper. Every busy morning, you end up with the extra chore of making the bed by putting the bed sheet back in its place. 

For those who find flat sheets cumbersome and messy, fitted sheets are the ideal choice. These come with elasticized corners that can be pulled over the mattress and secured. The fitted sheets give a snug fit and act as a great protective layer between your mattress and you. It helps keep the mattress clean while giving you an additional layer of comfort. Also, since the sheets are snugly fitted, even if you have a restless sleeper on your mattress, the bed sheet remains intact. So there is one less task of adjusting the bed sheet in the morning.

How to Choose Fitted Bed Sheets?

Here are some pointers on how to choose the perfect fitted bedsheet.


The fitted bedsheets are available in many weaves and materials. However, the most popular choice is cotton. In terms of durability, breathability, and comfort, cotton is second to none. They are lightweight, easy to maintain, and give a super crisp feel even after a machine wash. In cotton too, there are many varieties, with Egyptian cotton, supima, and pima being the softest, strongest, and most expensive varieties of cotton. 


When it comes to beds, there are a few standard sizes, like single, double, king, and queen. But the surprising aspect is that bed frame makers do not follow a standard measurement. So before you shop for bedsheets online, measure the bed. Make a note of the depth, breadth, and length of the mattress and bed. Then check if the king-size fitted sheet or the queen-size bed sheet that you are purchasing matches the bed size. Also, consider the fact that cotton sheets may shrink after an initial wash when taking the measurements. 

Read about the Product

If you are a first-time shopper for fitted sheets, there are quite a few things to know before you purchase. Plus, when you are buying online, there is no salesman to explain the nitty gritty. But there are many places online where you can read about thread count, GSM (grammes per square metre), and other metrics that help determine the quality. Do thorough research on these things before you click on the purchase button on cotton bed sheets online. 

Maintenance and Care

Just like other purchases that you make online, for instance, your garments, bedding will have care and washing instructions. While most of them can be washed normally, there are a few that will have special instructions mentioned. Carefully read and implement them, as that can impact the longevity of the bedsheet. It is better to avoid fitted bedsheets that need costly or special maintenance.

How to Choose a Perfect Comforter?

Choosing a comforter online is easy if you consider the weather conditions, the warmth that you need, and the filling. 


Like bedsheets, comforters too come in many fabric choices, with each of the fabrics having a distinct set of advantages. However, cotton is a popular choice even when it comes to comforters, as it offers a comfortable and soft feel. The cotton comforters are such that they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. There are also other natural fabric choices, like linen and bamboo, that are best for hot sleepers. Synthetic fabric comforters like microfiber are also a popular choice as they are cosy, lightweight, and affordable. Additionally, they are easy to care for and have a long life. 


Wool and cotton are popular natural fillers for comforters. The cotton filling makes it more breathable, and wool is ideal for cold winters. Among the synthetic fillers, microfiber is popular as it makes the comforter more resilient, washable, and lightweight. They work both in the summer and winter seasons. 


The warmth a comforter provides is based on the insulation it provides. The construction plays a great role in determining if the comforter is right for you or not. For instance, baffle box construction makes it fluffier and warmer and also spreads the filling evenly, giving it more warmth. 


Comforters that can be machine washed are a better hygienic choice than those that need dry cleaning. So it is best to buy a comforter online that can be easily and quickly washed for better maintenance and care. Microfiber comforters have the advantage of being machine washable. 

There has to be harmony among your bed linens, as that creates an environment that is conducive to sleep. From bed sheets to duvet covers to comforters, it is important to have a coordinated look. No matter what style you want to add to your bed, there are bedsheets and comforters available in various colours and hues to help make your bed the statement piece of furniture in your bedroom. 

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