The Controversial History of BeforeItsNews: What You Need to Know

Are you tired of the endless stream of fake news and conspiracy theories that flood our social media feeds? Look no further than BeforeItsNews, a website known for its controversial history and role in spreading questionable information. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the murky waters of BeforeItsNews and explore its impact on the world of online journalism. Buckle up, because what you’re about to discover may surprise or even shock you. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the controversial history of BeforeItsNews.

What is BeforeItsNews?

BeforeItsNews is a website that bills itself as an “alternative news” source, providing readers with stories and opinions not typically found in mainstream media outlets. Founded in 2008, the site aims to offer a platform for citizen journalists and independent thinkers who want to share their views on current events.

The content on BeforeItsNews covers a wide range of topics, including politics, health, science, religion, and more. Readers can submit articles or videos directly to the site’s editors for consideration. However, there is no formal vetting process or fact-checking system in place.

While some see BeforeItsNews as a refreshing alternative to traditional news sources that may be biased or controlled by corporate interests, others view it as yet another outlet spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. The site has been criticized for publishing clickbait headlines designed to generate clicks rather than inform readers.

Despite the controversy surrounding BeforeItsNews, the site boasts millions of monthly visitors and continues to attract new contributors looking for an uncensored platform to share their ideas with the world.

The Controversial History of BeforeItsNews

BeforeItsNews is a website that claims to offer uncensored, alternative news stories. It was founded in 2008 and quickly gained popularity among those who were dissatisfied with mainstream media outlets. However, the site has been mired in controversy almost from the beginning.

One of the biggest criticisms of BeforeItsNews is that it allows fake news and conspiracy theories to flourish unchecked. Some have accused the site of being a breeding ground for dangerous ideas, including anti-vaccination propaganda and Holocaust denial. Others argue that BeforeItsNews promotes far-right ideologies and white supremacist beliefs.

The site has also faced legal challenges over copyright infringement and defamation. In 2013, a federal judge ruled that BeforeItsNews had infringed on the copyrights of two photographers by using their images without permission or compensation.

Despite these controversies, BeforeItsNews remains popular with many people who are distrustful of traditional news sources. The site’s supporters see it as an important platform for free speech and alternative perspectives on current events.

Whether you believe BeforeItsNews is a valuable source of information or a purveyor of dangerous falsehoods likely depends on your own political views and personal values.

The Role of BeforeItsNews in Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

BeforeItsNews has been a key player in the spread of conspiracy theories and fake news. The site’s lack of fact-checking and editorial oversight allows for the dissemination of outlandish claims that often have no basis in reality.

Many conspiracies propagated on BeforeItsNews revolve around government cover-ups, secret societies, and extraterrestrial life. These stories prey on people’s fears and anxieties about the unknown, often with little to no evidence to support them.

While some may argue that BeforeItsNews is just providing alternative perspectives or challenging mainstream narratives, it’s important to remember that without proper sourcing or verification, these stories are nothing more than baseless speculation.

Furthermore, this kind of content can be harmful not only because it spreads false information but also because it can create divisions within society. Conspiracy theories often pit groups against each other based on unfounded beliefs rather than facts.

It’s crucial for readers to approach BeforeItsNews—and any source—with a critical eye and demand evidence before accepting anything as truth. We must hold ourselves accountable for seeking out reliable sources and rejecting sensationalized clickbait masquerading as journalism.


After a thorough examination of the history and impact of BeforeItsNews, it’s clear that this website has played a significant role in promoting conspiracy theories and spreading fake news. While some may argue that they are simply providing alternative perspectives on current events, the lack of fact-checking and promotion of baseless claims only serves to further polarize our society.

It’s important for individuals to be critical consumers of information and question the sources they rely on for news. As we move forward in an age where misinformation is rampant, it’s up to all of us to prioritize accuracy over sensationalism.

In short, BeforeItsNews has left a controversial mark on online media that cannot be ignored. It serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unverified information being spread without consequence. Let’s learn from its mistakes so that we can work towards creating a more informed and responsible future for ourselves and generations to come.

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