An In-Depth Overview of the Godseal Mechanism in Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a MMORPG that provides an unprecedented gaming experience. To augment the game, the Godseal System was included to give a further layer of strategy and expertise to the play.

One might wonder, what is the Godseal System?

Revelation Online has recently introduced the Godseal System, a new type of skill system. By utilizing Godseal slots, players can equip various Godseals that provide distinct effects and actively use them during gameplay. In addition to the usual attacks, skills, and ultimates, this feature adds a whole new layer to the game.

Selecting the Appropriate Divine Designs

The influence of divine imprints is dependent on the situation in the fight. Consequently, players must be thoughtful when deciding which three divine imprints to equip. As an example, the “endless vitality” imprint is suitable for Linglong and Liuguang professions that have healing capabilities. This is because the magnitude of the healing effect is determined by the player’s healing strength. Conversely, the “fight for supremacy” imprint can be used by all professions, whether they wish to damage, heal, or act as a tank.

It is typically proposed that the “moving the stars” imprint be used for support careers, whereas production ones should have it active during PVP. On the other hand, the “free and unrestrained” imprint is suitable for any job and is recommended for PVP since it boosts the player’s pursuit and fleeing capacities. Since the location of the divine imprints is necessary to activate extra abilities, gamers must select the right place relying on their battle circumstances.

The Cultivation of Divine Imprints is a process of making spiritual progress. This practice is based on the idea that spiritual progress can be made through the cultivation of divine imprints. These imprints represent qualities and attributes such as virtue, knowledge, and compassion. By cultivating these imprints, one can make spiritual progress and eventually reach a higher level of spiritual awareness.

The divine imprints have exclusive characteristics as well as four extra attributes that can be made available when the imprint reaches a particular level. Players can enhance these secondary attributes by consuming the imprint’s material fragments and a special experience item known as “Falling Star Sand.” When enhancing the imprint, players can lock certain attributes that they do not wish to get rid of, though this will need more materials.

The enhancement of Divine Imprints is underway.

Divine imprints can be enhanced by making use of Falling Star Sand. Doing this will unlock supplementary attributes and raise the imprint’s rating. Falling Star Sand can be acquired by completing levels in the divine imprints’ battle, from star-rated treasure chests in the campaign, and from support rewards in the campaign. The higher the level of the divine imprint, the more powerful the supplementary attributes become.

The Divine’s Mark of Approval

Each divine imprint is given a rating and when the player cultivates a particular one to the desired rating, the blessing of that attribute is unlocked. As an example, when the divine imprint reaches 1175, the attribute blessing at the 750 rating is activated. These blessings don’t need to be equipped and are effective right away. Nevertheless, because some players may have restricted items initially, it is suggested to cultivate their primary divine imprints first.

The Release of Divine Imprints

In order to unseal their divine imprints, players must have the corresponding unsealing materials such as Star Shift, Sky Select, Incarnation, and Free and Unrestrained. When unsealing the imprints, it may randomly generate a new imprint with a one to six-star rating in one of the three slots. If the summoned imprint’s rating is less than the player’s current divine imprint, it will be disassembled, the amount of materials obtained is based on the rating of the unsealed divine imprint. If the rating is greater than the current one, it will take its place.

Unsealing materials can be earned through divine imprints’ battles and Qingqin guard battles. Rewards for completing levels in the divine imprints’ battle, as well as items from the territory war points shop, can provide such materials. It should be taken into account that the maximum stamina for the divine imprints battle is 180 and each challenge needs 20 stamina. Players can receive 5 stamina per hour, so it is crucial to manage the stamina properly to avoid its misusage.

Moreover, players can gain divine imprint unsealing materials by participating in a new feature known as the Divine Imprint Battle Contract. This event yields divine imprint unsealing materials, fragments, and falling stars sand which are essential for raising divine imprints. This contract offers three degrees of difficulty including Consultation, Strong Enemy and Decisive Battle. Every degree has 30 levels and players must finish all the levels in a specific degree before moving on to the next one.

Players have the opportunity to gain extra unsealing material fragments by taking on the divine imprint bosses or gaining a certain amount of stars in the Divine Imprint Battle Contract. Furthermore, by finishing off their first challenge, they can collect a daily boss reward, which consists of a divine imprint box holding unsealing material fragments.

The opponents’ abilities in Divine Imprint Battle vary in accordance with the difficulty setting and combatants have six chances to alter them. For the initial three, there is no cost, but the three subsequent refreshes necessitate players to use binding jade, which they need to buy. Therefore, they must prudently use their resources and contemplate their decisions thoroughly.

Ultimately, divine imprints provide a considerable advantage to players, increasing their strength by a factor of 15. Subsequently, competitors can aim to upgrade their divine imprints to enhance their probability of success in the divine imprints competition.

In Summary

The Godseal system plays a major role in Revelation Online and demands a great amount of effort and dedication to master. To gain a better knowledge of the system, players can use the various guides available on the internet. Additionally, the Redfinger Android emulator can be used as a training platform to hone one’s skills in the Godseal system.

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