How to resolve “This virtual machine appears to be in use” error in VMware Workstation |

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How to resolve “This virtual machine appears to be in use” error in VMware Workstation |

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The client connector extends identity and context-aware access to non-web applications by creating a secure connection from endpoint devices to apps running in both Google Cloud and non-Google Cloud environments. For more information, see Securing client-server applications. You can now set the view field in the tables. This limit is now GB. For more information, see BI Engine quotas and limits. Chronicle Forwarder configuration on Linux has been updated to include two separate configuration files.

For more information, see Installing and configuring the forwarder on Linux. The Per-folder Roles Registration feature is rolled out to all regions. You can now collect Apache Flink logs from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2. Update includes a new and improved Kubernetes development experience with the Development Sessions Explorer, support for private clusters, a refreshed welcome page, and more!

Review the Cloud Code release notes for a complete list of features, updates, and fixes. Python 2 is still included as a development tool in Cloud Shell and may be invoked using python2. Query insights is now generally available.

Query Insights helps you visually detect and identify query performance issues for Cloud Spanner databases.

You can also dig deeper and analyse the query details to know the root cause of these issues. To learn more, see Detect query performance issues with Query Insights. Expanded overwrite options are new generally available GA. The overwriteWhen field can be used to specify whether data that already exists in the destination should be overwritten always, never, or only when ETags and checksum values indicate that the file has changed. Metadata preservation options are now generally available GA.

See Metadata preservation for details. Transfer Appliance now supports monitoring of the amount of data stored on your appliance, and whether online transfer is enabled, through Cloud Monitoring.

See Monitor Transfer Appliance for details. AlloyDB’s Frequently asked questions page addresses common questions received by the AlloyDB support team during the product’s public preview. Cloud Bigtable now gives you the option to undelete a table for up to seven days from the time of deletion using the gcloud CLI.

We’ve added new features to view your billing information and cost estimates in the Google Cloud Console mobile app. You can view your cost trends and forecasts, the costs for your top project, and how much you’re spending on your top Google Cloud services. To see your billing data in the app, select the Billing tab in the navigation bar, then select Overview.

Attribution for your committed use discounts CUDs now appears at the same time as eligible usage. Previously, the subscription fees and credits associated with your CUDs would appear in billing reports and BigQuery usage cost exports after the corresponding eligible resource usage. This could result in apparent spikes in cost if you viewed your billing data before the attribution process completed.

With this release, subscription fees and credits appear at the same time as eligible usage, meaning that your net costs are always accurate whenever you view your billing data. Learn about how your CUD fees and credits are attributed across your resources.

The new experience for creating metric-based alerting policies by using the Google Cloud console is now Generally Available. For more information, see Create metric-based alert policy. A second June maintenance changelog is now available. This change simplifies the configuration of your VPN peers, because you no longer need to explicitly set a peer’s IKE identity to a specific value. If you don’t want the affected tunnels to become established, delete them as needed on the Cloud VPN side, on the on-premises side, or on both sides.

Removing this restriction enables easier interoperation with peers that don’t support changing their IKE identity, especially when such peers are located behind NAT Network Address Translation. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact Google Cloud Support. Eventarc is available in this region : europe-southwest1 Madrid, Spain. The ability to deploy to Anthos user clusters is now generally available. The issuer switch, which is part of the Payment Gateway, is now Generally Available.

Newly published documentation about the issuer switch features and API is available here: Issuer switch documentation. The following features are available:. For more information, see Working with platform logs. Regional support for default pools and build triggers is now generally available. To learn more, see Cloud Build locations. Cloud Composer supports Per-folder Roles Registration. Cloud Functions now supports Java 17 at the General Availability release level.

The Cloud Logging agent version for Windows is now available. This version updates the location of the position files so they are retained across upgrades. For installation information, see Installing the Cloud Logging agent. You can upgrade your instance’s major version to a more recent version.

Object Lifecycle Management now supports new conditions and a new action. The MatchesPrefix and MatchesSuffix conditions allow you to restrict lifecycle actions to objects with specific prefixes and suffixes. For more information, see SSH troubleshooting tool. Support for Firebase Realtime Database is in Preview. Learn how to extend the schema. In the Cloud console, Policy Troubleshooter for IAM allow policies now reports if there are deny policies that could affect a principal’s access.

Neural2 uses Custom Voice technology without the need to train a unique voice. Neural2 voices are in Preview and are currently available in a single region for a limited number of languages. These vulnerabilities allow an unprivileged user with local access to the cluster to achieve a full container breakout to root on the node. Cloud Bigtable is available in the us-east5 Columbus region.

Click here to access the documentation. You can now collect Jetty metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2. For more information, see Monitoring third-party applications: Jetty. You can now view the configuration of charts on a dashboard while the dashboard is in read-only mode. For more information, see Show the chart configuration. For more information see TensorFlow 2. This feature is now available in Preview. For more information, see the Dual-stack networking. Security Token Service.

There is a bug in the Azure OS kernels used by some of the previous Anthos clusters on Azure versions. When this happens, clusters won’t start up completely. For more information, see the Linux kernel bug.

Starting with this release, Apigee Integrations is available in an Apigee Eval org which lets you try out the integrations feature without getting billed for the usage. For information, see Enable integrations in an eval org. The SetIntegrationRequest policy has the following updates:. By using this attribute, you can assign flow variable values to the parameters. However, if these elements are empty, Apigee treats the element value as null.

If the element is empty, Apigee reports an error. The apache-airflow-providers-google package upgraded to Changes compared to version Cloud Composer uses a custom version of the apache-airflow-providers-google package.

This custom version is based on the public version 6. For information about other changes compared to version 6. It includes a core subset of the PostgreSQL SQL dialect, support for the psql command-line tool, native language clients, and integration into existing Google tools. For more information, see PostgreSQL interface. This documentation set describes how to use the Recommendations console to manage and monitor Recommendations AI.

We no longer recommend this console. We recommend that you use the Retail console to manage Recommendations AI. If you have not yet switched from the Recommendations console to the Retail console, see Switch to the Retail console. Preview : You can now get cost insights in the Recommender API , and use them to detect anomalies in your costs. For example, you see a cost insight in the API if your costs for a day are significantly higher or lower than your typical daily costs.

To deliver a better default price-performance for applications, all GKE clusters created with control plane version 1. The new default for attached volumes is applied to all clusters running control plane version 1. The new default node boot disk is applied to all new node pools of any node pool version created in a cluster with control plane version 1.

Existing preferences will not be changed. For more information on boot disks, see Configuring a custom boot disk. For more information on attached volumes see Persistent volumes and dynamic provisioning. Private Service Connect supports publishing a service that is hosted on an internal regional TCP proxy load balancer in a service producer VPC network. The backends can be located in Google Cloud, in other clouds, in an on-premises environment, or any combination of these locations. Added the ability to sort by Name and Created fields in the Apps and Teams tables.

Click the column heading to sort. The Data Collectors UI is now generally available. A search bar has been added to the new Proxy Editor Develop view. This lets you search for items within a proxy or sharedflow bundle. Query queues are now available in preview for on-demand and flat-rate customers. When query queues are enabled, BigQuery automatically determines the query concurrency rather than setting a fixed limit. Flat-rate customers can override this setting with a custom concurrency target.

Additional queries beyond the concurrency target are queued until processing resources become available. You can enable an instance to publish to a subscriber that is external or internal to Cloud SQL. This functionality, which is generally available, uses transactional replication.

For more information, see Configure external replicas. This functionality is generally available. For more information, see SQL Server database auditing. Dataproc Metastore: For 1.

The default setting is true , which preserves the existing behavior of fetching all functions. If set to false , the client will not fetch all functions during initialization, which can help reduce high latency during initialization, particularly when there are many functions and the Metastore is not located in the client’s region. Using this feature, the list of candidate VMs for migration can be viewed for a given source, including the VM ID required to start a new migration.

To access the inventory through Cloud Console: go to your sources page, and select a source from the dropdown. Tomcat deployments will use Kubernetes readiness and liveness probes by default. Users can disable or modify those probes while editing the migration plan. Use health probes to provide better pod management and reduce down time during scaling and rolling updates.

To learn more about the available probes, see Set Tomcat health probes. Linux Service Manager deployments will use Kubernetes readiness and liveness probes by default. Users can select which services are probed while editing the migration plan.

To learn more about the available probes, see Set Linux v2kServiceManager health probes. Migrate to Containers offers a fit assessment tool that runs on a VM workload to determine the workload’s fit for migration to a container. To learn more about the tool see, Using the fit assessment tool. Wrong default value was set for serverautostart in Windows IIS migration. Prevent concurrent migrations on the same migrating VM. In rare cases, when doing two m4ce migrations on the same source VM, both migrations could fail due to interfering with each other’s operations.

In some cases where strict network policies were applied, GKE failed to apply AppArmor profiles which are needed for M2C and failed to upgrade, causing the cluster to be in an usable state. In July , Cloud Composer 1 environments created in Cloud console will use the latest available version of Airflow 2 by default. The new global external HTTP S load balancer with advanced traffic management capabilities contains many of the features of our existing classic HTTP S load balancer, but with an ever-growing list of traffic management capabilities such as weighted traffic splitting, request mirroring, outlier detection, fault injection, and so on.

Config Controller now uses version 1. Datastore now supports the not-equal! The filters are now available in the Google Cloud console and the following client libraries:. A feature for protecting tag values from being deleted has launched into general availability. If a tag value has a tag hold, it cannot be deleted by users unless the tag hold is first deleted.

For more information about tag holds, see Protecting tag values with tag holds. Fixed the issue where admin cluster backup did not back up always-on secrets encryption keys. This caused repairing an admin cluster using gkectl repair master –restore-from-backup to fail when always-on secrets encryption was enabled. Support for compute-optimized C2D machine types is now generally available , featuring:.

Datastream now supports the use of tags on its resources, which include private connectivity configurations, connection profiles, and streams. Tags are key-value pairs that you can apply to your Datastream resources for fine-grained access control. To learn more, see Access control with tags. To use tags, see Manage tags.

You can now order Transfer Appliance from the Cloud console, as well as view, track, and manage your orders and appliances. For more info, see the Order Transfer Appliance page. The ability to restrict resource creation of global security configuration to comply with data residency requirements is now GA. Advanced networking capabilities for Bare Metal Solution —Enables you to use the following features:. These functions allow column-level encryption and decryption of data while supporting aggregation and table joins.

Starting from July , Cloud Composer service will start enforcing the “Act As” organization policy in all projects. It’s a follow-up from the announcements sent out earlier. Please, grant the iam. For more information, see Securing Cloud Composer. The earlier issue with autoscaling in some Cloud Composer 2 environments is now resolved for all impacted environments.

This change improves the reliability of connections to the Airflow Database in Public IP environments. You can upgrade your Composer 1 environments where you experience this issue to Cloud Composer 1. The fix will be applied to all existing Cloud Composer 1 Public IP environments within the next couple of days.

We will announce when the issue is resolved. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cloud Customer Care. Cloud console SSH-in-browser connections might fail if you use custom firewall rules. For workarounds, see Known issues.

You can also specify whether you want to grant read or write permission on your external resource. We have enhanced the outcome section that can be used in Detection Engine rules. For more details about the outcome section, see Outcome section syntax. Authorized networks support is now generally available GA.

For enhanced security with built-in authentication, Cloud SQL now lets you set password policies at the instance level. Generally available: Optimize the distribution of VMs in sole-tenant node groups.

For more information, see About manual live migration. The following organization policy constraints to restrict resource creation of global security configuration have launched into general availability:.

This variable is also available as a Connection Property. You can now set up specific read, write, or administrator permissions for different managed zones under the same project.

Generally Available : Compute Engine can now use a maximum network packet size of when communicating between VMs on the same subnet. For details, see the maximum transmission unit overview. This plugin activates an authorization service on each Dataproc cluster VM, which evaluates requests from the Cloud Storage connector against Ranger policies and, if the request is allowed, returns an access token for the cluster VM service account.

Dataproc is now available in the us-south1 region Dallas, Texas. This is due to the Google Assistant Conversational Actions planned sunsetting. You must request access to use the new locations.

For more information, see Regional and multi-regional support. The France Passport Parser is now available in limited preview. Why Google close Discover why leading businesses choose Google Cloud Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Google Cloud can help you solve your toughest challenges. Learn more. Key benefits Overview. Run your apps wherever you need them.

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Compute, storage, and networking options to support any workload. AEI : Typo error in the scan status message displayed to the users.

AEI : In some cases, the error code is displayed instead of an error message when the remote control session to an asset fails. AEI : The software version of the operating system is not fetched while scanning Windows machines. AEI : The value of the Description field in assets exceeding characters is getting truncated. Contracts : AEI : In asset details page, unable to differentiate between two contracts with the same name.

Admin : AEI : The user multi-line additional field limit is increased to characters. The Operating System column is no longer supported in the list view page of any asset. The Comment column is no longer supported in the list view page of any asset. Enhancements : AEF : Delete option is now available in the asset list view pop up under dashboard and summary page. AEF : Approval comments for the Approve action in Purchase Orders can now be made optional by updating “paramvalue” for the entry below in the GlobalConfig table.

AEF : Users can now view the comments added to invoices and payment details from the list view of Invoice and Payments sub-tab in purchase order details page. AEI : After performing a global search for a different entity from assets tab, the search criteria is not reset to assets. AEI : Changing software type from Managed to any other type is not taking effect when the corresponding software assets have license agreements or purchase orders associated with them.

AEI : An inappropriate alert is thrown after entering a correct value in the Discount field. Admin: AEI : Extra exclamatory marks are removed in some language personalization. AEI : An error is thrown when adding or updating windows domain in non-English setups. AEI : Unable to edit user additional field pick lists if the pick list contains more than 10 options. Reports: AEI : Query report generation fails if the executed query contains more than characters. General: AEI : Moment.

AEI : In non-English setups, unable to login when domain is not selected. AEI : During login, the login form is missing when all authentication modes are disabled. AEI : An unwanted error message is displayed in the command prompt while executing shell command in Linux to run the.

AEI : In certain scenarios, license is not fetched properly resulting in unsuccessful login. AEI : Caching fails after upgrading to build AEI : Users are able to upload files with extensions that are blacklisted in the Global Config.

AEI : Found privilege escalation vulnerability in private summary, CI history, and audit reports. Reports : AEI : In some predefined reports, the data generated from list view is different from the data generated by editing and running the report.

General : AEI : The selected tab text theme is not getting applied to the currently accessed modules. AEF, AEF : Admins can now customize the default image preview resolution for inline images across the application.

AEI : Unable to sort assets and workstations alphabetically using User, Department, or Site column in list view. AEI : The value of is loaned field is inconsistent in Workstation list view and detail view page. AEI : Purchase order cancellation email is not notified.

Linux and Mac machines also have to be scanned using the new DesktopCentral agents. The scripts used for scanning have been moved out of the build. Support for “MAC Address identification during scan” under scan settings has been removed. Option to choose machines for remote control prompt is removed. The native Asset Explorer tools and agents for scanning, remote control will now be replaced with the Endpoint Central agent, To learn more, Click here AEF, AEF Software reconcile In assets, you can now reconcile two software from the scanned software list view, retaining the details of the latest added software, To learn more, click here.

AEF- Header Revamp and Layout Personalization Revamped UI for header, global search, user profile panel You can now change the orientation of the header pane as topbar, sidebar, or sidebar lite, To learn more, click here. Added Notify Before and Frequency fields for notifications involving asset expiry, warranty expiry, and loan period expiry. Users will be notified via email with an appropriate message instead of an empty report attachment when data is not available for scheduled reports.

Users with SDAdmin role will now have permission to all custom reports, query reports, and schedule reports created by other technicians. Added a new notification to intimate technicians when their private reports and scheduled reports are edited or deleted.

Revamped Scheduled Report list view page with options to filter, edit, and delete schedules based on roles. AEF Antivirus scanning for file uploads in Admin Attachments will now be scanned for virus before uploading into the application. If virus is detected, the attachment will not be uploaded. Workstations now support the Chassis Type field.

In reports, the Is Laptop field is replaced with Computer Group and additionally, the Chassis Type field has been added. In products, the Is laptop field is removed and replaced with Computer Group. Assets AEI : When the software in a workstation details page are sorted by Software Name column, the software are not sorted properly. AEI : Unable to perform global search for assets if the column Operation System is enabled in the workstation list view.

AEI : An error is thrown when searching for an asset or workstation using their Service Tag via column search in the asset list view page. AEI : When sending email notifications to users of a scanned software asset, the E-mail Users pop-up is not fetching all email addresses if the user count exceeds AEI : Unable to invoke the drop-down lists that allow you to switch between the type of assets and time period in the Audit History page.

AEI : When editing an asset, changing the vendor displays incorrect purchase cost information. The custom CI attributes are set to the first CI attribute when the custom attributes of the CIs are updated via bulk-edit. Purchase AEI : The approval page does not load when the approver tries to log in via the PO approval link in email. AEI : Vendor details are not populated in Add Purchase Order form when the purchase order is created from a purchase request. AEI : When closing a purchase order, the mandatory fields pop-up erroneously shows non-empty purchase additional fields of the picklist type.

AEI : Email Notifications with non-English characters in email subject are not displayed properly. AEI : Error thrown while accessing the Reports page after upgrade. AEI : Secure attribute is enabled for all cookies. Assets AEI : When editing a dynamic group in Assets module, the site filter is not shown if the Site criteria value was previously set to “None”.

AEI : Asset Ownership History does not show comments when assets are moved to a state that doesn’t mandate ownership. AEI : The Site field is now added into the assets-to-barcode mapping document which is available during the barcode generation for existing assets. Admin AEI : User phone numbers and mobile numbers appear reversed when the application is set in right-to-left languages.

AEI : List view column headers are not translated. AEI : Unable to import software relationships from XLS files if the technician is not associated to any site or if the software name is similar to any CI name. AEI : Query with the keyword “Similar” does not work in query reports. AEI : Query with the keyword ‘for xml path’ does not work in query reports. AEI : In Windows environment, changes made to reports are not getting reflected in print preview and exports in file formats other than PDF.

Admin AEI : Searching for users in the user list view does not fetch any results if the keyword is exclusively numeric and user records contain numeric additional fields. Disposed Assets : Disposed Assets will not be shown in any of the list views. It can be viewed by the filter named Disposed Assets from the list view. Older list view personalization will be removed for assets list views Maximum of assets can be searched from Global Search for performance Enhancement.

Assets tab from the application header will now redirect to the Assets list view. If the user has accessed the Assets tab earlier, the List view last seen by the user will be displayed. It would be supported in one of the future service packs.

Assets Dashboard All the count showing in the dashboards will not have the disposed assets count. Asset module links will now be opened as a pop-up window on the Dashboard. AEF : Tomcat upgraded to version 9. Users can now filter Assets using Custom Filters from the list view. For fresh installations, the default session idle timeout for the mobile app will be set to 30 minutes.

AEI : Device domains fetched during scans except domain scan will now be added as private domains. AEI : Unable to save monthly asset scan scheduled with Day option. Assets AEI : Site details are not saved while loaning an asset from the asset details page. Features Released on: 25 January AEF Two-factor authentication Users can now be mandated to use an additional authentication mode such as Google Authenticator or email-based OTP along with regular passwords to log into the application.

To learn more, click here AEF Login-based query reports New query reports based on user login are added as default Login Reports. Issues Fixed : Assets AEI Mail notifications are triggered when an asset state is updated even though the owner remains unchanged.

AEI Unable to download the asset attachments in the asset details page. AEI Unable to select Product in a duplicate asset device details page if the asset is renamed with an existing asset name.

AEI When a loaned asset state is set to In Store, changed to any other state with owner details updated and reverted to In Store state, the previous asset state is retained but the owner details are removed.

Software AEI In the scanned software list view, the compliance type filter is applied even when we switch from Managed filter to All Software filter. Vulnerability AEI Security vulnerability in client logging.

AEI : Privilege escalation vulnerability when downloading file attachments. Purchase AEI Unable to receive service items if the quantity contains decimal values. Vulnerability AEI Password is sent as plain text over the network during scan and in User module.

AEI : Domains are not listed after selecting sites while adding or editing assets. IP address of the workstation is not fetched in some cases. AEI : While authenticating SNMP devices, the application does not authenticate using version 2 credentials if version 1 credentials fail. AEI : Asset Loan expiry notifications are not sent for recently expired assets if the periodic notification is disabled.

AEI : Incorrect error message is displayed if the product name is not provided while adding CIs. Purchase : AEI : In Purchase Orders, the approval levels and number of approvers in each level is now limited to Admin : AEI : Notification sent to the user is hard coded if the attachment size is greater than the configured one. AEI : Users can now choose to skip sending updated passwords as email notification while configuring the backup schedule. AEI : Error thrown while dissociating technicians from associated sites.

AEI Unable to auto-assign assets in bulk when the display filter is set to show assets in the asset list view. AEI Bulk-deleting assets before the asset list view is loaded redirects to the Session Expired page. Software : AEI Values entered with a line break are displayed as a single line in several fields in License Agreement details page, Software details page, Service Pack details page, and License details page.

AEI Email validation fails when the last part of the domain name is more than 4 characters in send a sample mail section. AEI Adding bullets or numbered list inside a table leads to breakage in the columns. AEI Error thrown while removing inactive support groups during technician update. AEI Unable to edit the name of a custom created role.

AEI The cell width of encrypted columns is not aligned properly with the header in Query Reports. AEI : During AD Authentication, user with login name containing diacritic characters are duplicated when login name is entered with normal characters.

AEI : User import fails when the user has an undefined value in the mapped field in AD for a respective picklist field AEI : During AD import, the progress bar in not updated when AssetExplorer build is configured as remote server. Community : AEI : Language preference set to browser default language is not reflected in the Health meter if the browser default language is non-English.

AEI, , , Language preference set to browser default language is not reflected in the list view columns if the browser default language is non-English. AEI File not found error thrown during patch upgrade in build and above. Behavior Change Released on: 24 August AEI : When a technician whose login is disabled is re-imported via Active Directory, the login permissions will remain disabled.

AEF : Glowroot is now bundled with the application. AEF : Ability to set duration after which the user will be logged out of an inactive session. Issues Fixed Assets : AEI : Security error thrown when decimal values are added to the barcode label properties. AEI : Assets having printers with same name but different server names get overridden.

AEI : Error thrown on clicking Show assigned only option while associating workstations to users. AEI : If a requester chosen as an approver of PR, the next level approval notification is not be sent. AEI : In Purchase Request approval notifications, the additional fields added as variables are not fetching the purchase request details.

AEI : An unclear error message is shown if the. AEI : Changing a technician to a requester results in duplicate entries of the action in User History. AEI : If the details of a printer associated to workstation is edited, the changes are not reflected in Audit Report.

AEI : In Contract Notifications, the contracted date and expiry date are displayed in incorrect format. AEI : Date filter criteria in custom reports is not based on user’s time zone. AEI : Performance issue. New Features Released on: 05 August Theme Customize the application’s default color and font. Apply the theme settings for all users or allow each user to select their own color and font. Clear text password transmission Encryption support added for user password on the application login page.

Reports Enhancements Option to reorder all reports under a folder and also personalize the reordering by user. Option to search reports and report folders from the reports global search. Issues Fixed Assets AEI : Technician is not notified when an asset is assigned, even if the Notify user when the asset is assigned to the user notification is enabled AEI : During CSV import, the site details of the assets is not updated when the location field value is not given.

AEI : Unable to remove cost-type purchase additional fields in the admin module. Contracts AEI : Unable to save contracts if values of additional fields contain more than characters.

Admin AEI : The audit status of assets imported into the central server from a distributed scan is set to success, even though the assets have no audit information. AEI : a. Schedule Scan is not disabled when switching from Enterprise edition to Standard edition. AEI : In Postgres setup, the database connection is not closing automatically even after successful restoration from a backup file.

Reports AEI : Unable to generate a saved report if both the custom report and query report are executed in parallel. AEI : Error thrown while generating custom reports when the character count of filter criteria under advanced filters exceed Bulk operation support is also added for other actions like Change as Users, Assign to Department, etc.

Click here to know more. Reports AEI : Unable to make copies of existing bar chart reports using the Save report as option. Issues Fixed Released on: 17 June AEI In Windows workstations, scan data generated by the standalone audit is not posted to the server despite returning a success message. AEI : An error occurs while adding a new support group. AEI : Unauthenticated users are able to change the installation status of deployed agents reported by “Luis Alfredo Nunez Rincon” Issues fixed Released on: 08 May Admin: AEI : An authentication error is thrown while configuring OAuth and signing in using the authentication pop-up window.

Admin: AEI Unable to change the product type from non-consumable type to consumable type while editing the product details. General: AEI Performance improvements. AEI Performance issue while loading the User list pop-up window. AEI The value for security response headers under Security Settings is limited to characters.

AEI : Assets with the Requires Scan option disabled under the asset state are getting scanned when brought in through the delta scan. AEI : When we try to print barcodes 7 – 8 characters that have been generated, the barcodes do not get printed within the label in some cases.

Purchase : AEI : Unable to embed templates in purchase email notifications. AEI : Unable to delete Department after migrating to AEI : Unable to save a support group if its name is used in an other site. Reports : AEI : Query report fails when column alias name contains a space. AEI : In reports, numeric fields erroneously display ‘0’ instead of ‘null’ for undefined values.

AEI : In report charts, boolean fields contain the database column name instead of the display name. AEI : Inappropriate results are shown for query reports that contain terms like Requester and Technician.

AEI : The Longtodate function in a query does not work if the query contains another function with more than one argument. AEI : Internal file path disclosure vulnerability in attachments.

AEI : Directory Traversal vulnerability in web remote. Assets: AEI : Current book value is not getting updated accordingly in asset financials after the depreciation period ends.

AEI : If the Part number is not chosen in a purchase order then it is displayed as undefined in view page. API : AEI : When we try to update the network details of IT assets other than workstations and servers using the doctool API, the network details do not get updated even though a success message is displayed.

Admin : AEI : When a valid email address starts with special character, it is considered invalid at the security level check due to the regex given for EWS email address in security-generalaccess. AEI : A support group’s configuration is lost if any exception occurs while saving the support group with the same name as that of an already existing group.

Reports : AEI : For a technician with edit report permissions, edit icon is missing in the first page of a report. AEI : Performance enhancements in Reports module. AEI : Data in reports will now be shown based on the user time zone instead of the server time zone. AEI : Unable to add a new vendor while importing assets via csv, even if the technician has permissions to add vendor.

AEI : Error occurs when creating a purchase order with an existing order number. AEI : In some cases, Database sql queries. Enhancements Released on: 20 January Local Authentication Password Policy Configuration Configure and enforce a password policy for all users to ensure better security of the user data. Issues Fixed AEI : Unable to view next page of CIs from relationship list view of an asset instead a error is thoriwn on clicking the next button.

AEF : Global search now allows you to search configuration items by name, type, and site. AEI : Passive mixed content vulnerability. Assets: AEI : Zero installation software removed from scanned software in software list view. AEI : An error is thrown when updating Windows Agent Configuration settings in non-windows OS AEI : The correct application architecture 32 bit or 64 bit is now displayed in the healthmeter under the community tab.

Reports AEI : In some query reports, columns couldn’t be sorted in ascending or descending order. The Recent Items option now has a new icon. AEI : In Reports list view page, public query reports are listed for technicians without permission to create query reports.

AEI : Provision to add a new remote control tool is discontinued. AEI : Content spoofing vulnerability in error message pop-ups. AEI : Zero 0 is not accepted as a value in the asset additional field pick list. The issue occurs only in Firefox and Internet Explorer. AEI : When we add assets by generating our own barcodes and then try scanning them, the generated barcodes get dissociated from these assets but continue to persist in the database as orphan values.

AEI : Technician with due permission is not able to exclude a workstation from a scan. AEI : VMware machine’s hard disk details are not fetched in workstation scan. AEI : Issue occurs when two machines are scanned using an agent scan as the auth token generated is same for both the machines.

AEI : Linux machines are not scanned in some scenarios. AEI : Creating a product type with square brackets in its name leads to security related error while accessing an asset of that product type via the asset list panel. AEI : A dynamic asset group configured for the ‘server’ product type does not include servers of the ‘workstation’ product type. AEI, AEI When technicians edit details of an asset assigned to them, an incorrect notification mentioning that the technicians have returned the asset is sent out.

AEI : Able to modify the quantity ordered value lesser than the received quantity value in purchase orders. AEI : In the purchase order list view, POs due in next 7 days and POs due in next 30 days filters include rejected, canceled, and closed purchase orders.

AEI : Received quantity of a purchase request differs from the quantity in the purchase order when the license gets exhausted in-between the receiving process. AEI : The value entered in Russian language in the Created by field of a purchase request is displayed as special characters in the approval notification.

AEI : In purchase orders, alert message on entering invalid price does not close until the page is refreshed. Contract AEI : Contract expiry notifications are sent even after disabling them. Admin AEI : In scheduled LDAP import for two domains, the empty fields of a user in the second domain gets updated with the fields of the corresponding user in the first domain. AEI : The size of the ‘backupfilepath’ column in the ‘backupschedule’ table has been increased to the maximum size defined in the database.

AEI : After the application data is restored through the command prompt, the command prompt does not close. AEI : Backup failure occurs when a file is saved as “blog” in the inline images folder. AEI : In safari browser, on downloading the attachment from preview section the attachment file name is changed to ‘true’. AEI : Unable to add additional fields in the Admin tab.

AEI : Croatian characters are not displayed in reports. AEI : Issues in replacing old schema to new schema in Query reports. AEI : Unable to run the changeDBserver command in console mode when the application is running in https mode. Previously it was provided only for technicians.

Primary and secondary emails, Reporting To field would be available for all users. The scoping options provided are All or All in associated sites. Previously site based restrictions would work based on sites chosen on the technician page along with module-level roles chosen.

This new role with the same module-level scope as the previous Asset Only role and have the option All in associated sites enabled under Technician allowed to view. This new role would have view permission for asset modules and the site restriction.

Now, there is just one CI Type i. This change was mainly introduced as we restrict the CMDB Managers from categorizing the users in the organization either as Requesters or Technicians.

All the existing relationships of the Users would be retained even after migration. The relationship attributes created for CI Type Requester and Technician relationships would be lost after migration.

The Technician CI Type has been removed. Technicians with this role would be considered as administrators of the sites associated with them and for those technicians, the admin tab would be displayed with entities such as users, technicians, departments, and sites.

AEI Login details are not closed after clicking the X mark on the login page. AEI Error occurs after copying a workstation and reopening the details page of the copied workstation. Users will no longer have to provide passwords specific to each service they access. Archived from the original on September 19, Retrieved September 19, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved December 21, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved September 1, Archived from the original on March 19, Use Linux, BSD”.

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Retrieved July 21, In , a group of Unix hackers from Stanford and Berkeley founded Sun Microsystems on the belief that Unix running on relatively inexpensive based hardware would prove a winning combination for a wide variety of applications.

They were right, and their vision set the pattern for an entire industry. Los Angeles Times. June 23, Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved March 9, Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved August 17, April 9, Archived from the original on March 4, Tanenbaum debate”. Archived from the original on October 3, Retrieved February 19, Meta magazine. Archived from the original on February 25, Retrieved January 20, Retrieved July 20, Usenet: Aug Retrieved September 9, Usenet: Oct Linux Kernel Archives.

Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved July 23, The Linux copyright will change: I’ve had a couple of requests to make it compatible with the GNU copyleft, removing the “you may not distribute it for money” condition. I agree. I assume this is going to be no problem for anybody: If you have grievances “I wrote that code assuming the copyright would stay the same” mail me.

Archived from the original on February 28, Archived from the original on October 8, Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on March 29, Retrieved July 26, Ziff Davis Enterprise Inc. Archived from the original on July 9, Retrieved November 19, Ars Technica.

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Vmware workstation 12 take ownership failed free


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Vmware workstation 12 take ownership failed free.Course Help Online

close VMware Workstation; delete files and/or folders you see, in the directory of the problematic VM; run VMware Workstation. The parent process in this case is vmrun and not vmware workstation and as such you can’t take ownership of it. The workaround is as follows: .


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