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Unfortunately, Adobe has not made it easy to change the UI language. There have been some script-based hacks around this UI language problembut they stopped working in CS6. To change the UI language, you need to first find the Presets folder, inside the application folder. Inside this folder is another folder called InDesign Shortcut Sets. Okay, ready for the trick? Change the name of that folderthen restart InDesign. But what name should you give that folder?

More on that at InDesignSecrets before too long, I hope! Back in the application folder, look inside that Presets folder for adobe indesign cc language change free download folder called InDesign Workspaces. Change it to the same language code, and re-launch InDesign:. Notice that the workspace names are all in English on my system, and they are not translated above.

Changing the UI for InDesign is incredibly useful for many people. Note, however, that adobd the UI does not necessarily give you any indessign features. Check out the World Tools chhange for that. A little birdy at Adobe told me that I really should emphasize: This is not a supported or documented feature by Adobe! See the comments below for other methods for changing UI language. Click on test e. It will start downloading something. Malik: Yes, you are right.

But I think that means you have multiple versions of InDesign on your system, right one for ffree language? Thought so at first but as I have written посетить страницу the only thing that happened on my HD is ID having a 2nd language option in sdobe prefs.

Try it! Right now I am using the US English versions on a German OS X which comes with its own set of problems like some default lahguage being impossible because of the keyboard layout, but it is much easier to google error messages and troubleshoot weird problems with an English version.

It still boggles my mind that in this day and age, we have to buy a plugin or install a second version of InDesign just to be able to typeset the occasional paragraph of Japanese. Malik or David, can you fill out these steps for the language switch in CC? Not clear, to me at least. What menu? Individual vs Team License. The language switch automatically based on your OS language. When i tried to change the language to dutch using this method, my InDesign CS6 changed to a trial version!

When I tried english it even wanted to change to Indesign Cnange. Both times I had to log in to my adobe account again. Could it be that this only works with subscriptions? Personally I never had any issue with this method in CC. No issue also before with CS6 indeisgn available in Creative Cloud. And reinstalled CS6 from my Creative Cloud account.

Same here. I wanted to change my language from Dutch to English. Adobe indesign cc language change free download Anyone? There must be two versions installed. Because I had to update the second language after installing. This means that we have two versions of InDesign. Sorry for the delay! Effectively, the process is an re-installation but at the end of the installation process it just adds the new language resources to the actual version.

So, in the computer you only have one version install. Adobe indesign cc language change free download, I have the same problem, I cannot find the English version which I adobe indesign cc language change free download after the version of my native language. I would really prefer using English, but it seems dissapeared or more exactly never appeared.

Could you tell me how the second one could be found, please? Thanks, Kriszta. Those phrases are hardwired into the application based on the preset language.

However, with this trick, the index picks up the French phrases. Renaming the pref folder does not work for me windows 7. Phillippe: Can you try changing the folder names in the application folder not the user preferences folder.

As David says, you need to adobe indesign cc language change free download this in the application folder. Thanks David. I have not been able to switch to Hindi, sorry. Адрес страницы for the article, David : I followed your instructions and went from a Norwegian UI to the english version.

One problem though, I am not able to backspace?? Any ideas what the cownload be? Hi, I did this hack to change my indesign CC from finnish also my osx language to english. Richard: Interesting! I would have expected adobe indesign cc language change free download if you changed your Shortcut Sets setting, that adobe indesign cc language change free download shortcuts would continue to work.

Using CS6 german, switched to french. Does anyone have the same problem? I had also a french test version installed on my computer, maybe it is because of that. I tried to switch the german ID to English US, but after I renamed the workspace folder, it still showed no menus and panel and — most annoyingly — asked me to enter the serial again. I switched back to German and ID started dowload usual, not asking lanfuage serial anymore already registered since long. Exactly the same happened to me when switching from german to French.

But I would like to specify also the hack worked from august to september, and all of a sudden … crack! My company is anyway not ready for switching to CC, this monthly redevance concept как сообщается здесь hardly aceptable for german people! Almost correct. /14953.txt, works like a charm!!!!

So My husband downloaded a chinese version, which i could install and register with my account, without CC, but the chinese had to go ….

How can i fix this? Hey guys, here is how i tried to archive German shortcuts and English menus. The shortcuts should be German and adobe indesign cc language change free download menus should be in English. All over the web I could not find a way to change the language in this software.

Thanks a lot, you have solved many problems! Appreciate the tip, but when I try to do this I revoke my license and am приведенная ссылка that the license I have is only valid for German versions of the software :.

Больше на странице wonder if it is only in the non-US versions? However, please read the first 5 or 6 comments at the top of this list after the article for another method of installing a new version of the software with a different language!

Hey David, thanks for replying so quickly! Was worth a try though. I still downloading CC due to my somewhat slow connection. It really works! I have an нажмите чтобы узнать больше version, but I читать spanish.

I found a lot of alternatives on the internet, but no one works. This was simple and fast. You help adobe indesign cc language change free download a lot. Thank you!!!! I am not sure if everything is alright, but it seems to have done what I wanted it to!

Just uninstalled the software, changed CC language in the preferences click on the cogwheel to reach that, then on the Apps tab find App посмотреть ещеand install again. I just figured, I no longer have short adobe indesign cc language change free download :S what can I do??? Do you know how to fix it? Well it worked except for one glitch — any menu eg document setup that is opened, would полезный mastercam 2018 5 axis toolpaths free тема appear with close or minimise buttons, and also could not be put in the inesign let alone be closed.

Hi thanks for the info! But all my shortcuts are gone after doing this. Do you know how to fix this? Hi, Dave.



Find and install Hebrew or Arabic editions of InDesign or Illustrator.


Back ina chamge wrote an app that uninstall adobe pro cc 2015 free you change the user interface UI language of InDesign to almost anything… Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, and so on.

This turned out to be extremely helpful in a wide variety of situations. For adobe indesign cc language change free download, some people had an Italian version but preferred to use the Adobe indesign cc language change free download langjage. Other people had the English version but really preferred seeing everything in Korean.

I wrote about the app in this article hereand noted that it was Mac-only. Fortunately, some Windows users jumped in and showed how you could do something similar there. However, when Mac OS X You can download the new version of this Mac fref here. It appears to work in See this post for a new technique. Note that after you change your UI and relaunch InDesign, your chante panels, shortcuts, etc.

But downlozd can fix that easily. If you find this script useful, please please please click the Donate button on Scripting Events and send him something. Or, if you need an applescript built especially scripts that need to automate two or more applications on the Maccontact Ray! Please try running the script again. In Mountain Lion How can I change the language? Try again! Does anyone have an update to do this in mountain lion?

Does anyone have an update for mountain lion? Looks like it translated everything without leaving something in english. You are the Hero for my girlfriend for today.

You should move it to the Trash. What should I do? How did you get it to do that??? Helene: Correct… there is a link in the blog post above adobe indesign cc language change free download the new technique that works in CC.

I thought the script still worked in CS5. Not sure, sorry. If the file comes up damaged in OSX 9. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Advanced Search. Forgot Password? Join today. Not a member? How-tos, tips and tricks and more. Join for free today! More after the jump!

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