Tips for Getting the Right Massage for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Massage

When you discover you’re expecting a child, you’re overjoyed. You begin to see a baby snuggled in your arms or scooting around the house. However, as your feet begin to swell, your back begins to hurt, and you discover that you simply lack the energy you once possessed, the reality of pregnancy settles in. Many of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy can be greatly reduced with massage therapy.

Anyone who experiences pain and discomfort, even pregnant women, can benefit from massage. Although it’s safe to do so, you should inform your therapist if your pregnancy is not yet evident. Your health may have an impact on the kind of massage they advise. Don’t forget to mention any pregnant side effects you may be feeling.

Given that both are intended to promote relaxation, it is similar to other therapeutic massages for pregnant women techniques. But when it comes to prenatal massage, it’s all about adapting the massage strokes and techniques to the demands of the expectant woman.

Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

There are many advantages to this treatment, which is referred to as prenatal massage. It can aid in the treatment of emotional problems, which are frequently brought on by hormonal changes. For instance, it might help with sadness, worry, and that stressed-out sense of being overpowered.

Additionally, massage helps many pregnant women with their back, leg, and joint problems. Even labor quality can be raised, and delivery times can be shortened. Pregnancy has been shown to benefit greatly from massage therapy. These advantages include the following:

Eases Joint and Muscular Pains

It was discovered that pregnant women who had massage therapy for roughly 20 minutes each week for five weeks found alleviation from common pregnancy discomforts like leg cramps, hip joint pain, and upper and lower back pain.

Promote Correct Posture

Your body realigns itself during pregnancy. Your center of gravity is altered by the additional weight of the baby, no matter how big the baby bump is. Regular massage helps muscles become more flexible, which can improve your posture and general capacity to take that extra weight while maintaining the strength of your legs and back.

Reduces Labour Discomfort

In one study, during the first 15 minutes of the labor phases, women who were already in labor received back and leg massages. Amazingly, those who received massages felt less discomfort throughout the first two stages of labor.

Improves Rest and Sleeping Patterns

Do you know about endorphins, one of those “happy hormones”? Endorphins are released by the body during the pregnancy massage, which aids the mother in being calm and at ease. Better sleep quality, which is a must for both the mother and the baby, is also related to this.

Enhances The Mother’s and The Child’s Immunity

The elimination of contaminants from the body and a better distribution of nutrients and oxygen are both made possible by improved blood circulation. By ensuringe the mother and fetus both receive the nutrients they need for health and enhancing their immune systems, helps pregnant women.

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy massage is risky till the first trimester, according to both experts and massage therapists. Why? Because there is a substantially increased risk of miscarriage during the first trimester. Although the link between a prenatal massage and miscarriages has never been proven, the likelihood of miscarriage is often higher in the first few months of pregnancy.

Therefore, doctors and therapists advise against giving pregnant women massages during the first trimester merely to be safe and minimize any hazards. It’s best to speak with your obstetrician or midwife first before obtaining a massage for pregnant women since most massage therapists require medical authorization before doing any therapy. They might be able to suggest a doctor to you as well.

Body positioning is slightly different when receiving a massage during pregnancy. You won’t feel comfortable laying facedown since your baby bump is in the way. However, lying on your back is also not advised because it strains your back and legs, especially after the first trimester. The ideal position for receiving a pregnancy massage is to lie on your side with pillows supporting you. Additionally, you can receive a massage while seated, supported by an upright massage bed.

A variety of foam cutouts and pillows are available from therapists to support your abdomen and relieve any muscular tension. Tell your massage therapist immediately away if you experience any unsteadiness on the massage table so that the two of you can settle in a suitable position for the session.

If you have thought about getting a massage after talking to your gynecologist, it might have a calming and releasing impact. One way to reduce tension is to massage the connective tissue and muscles to increase blood flow. If you are experiencing morning sickness, a massage can help, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. A massage also increases circulation and the overall functionality of the cardiovascular system.

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