5 Pillars of Bodybuilding Supplements

I’m gonna give you the five pillars of supplementation. My five pillars of ecdysterone bodybuilding supplement are built on a nutrition foundation. Your nutrition needs must meet before you worry about what supplements you can provide to your body.


Now once your ingredients are solid the second pillar you want to be concerned with is a form. With form, I’m talking about different forms that a molecule can be in. Let’s take creatine for example. We are all familiar with creatine monohydrate which is an active ingredient of ecdysterone. Now creatine monohydrate is the most studied form of creatine. However, I use percent hydrochloride. Why is that? Well, Cretan hydrochloride is a different form of Cretan and that form provides benefits to the creatine and molecule that help with its uptake in its utilization.

However, the Cretan molecule is still the same whether it’s the hydrochloride or the monohydrate form. It’s the creatine molecule that we want to get into the body. So, the form is important for many ingredients in addition to just their effectiveness and their safety which the bodybuilding supplements, ecdysterone have!


Once you know you have solid ingredients in the proper form, the third pillar that you want to be concerned with is dosing. Dosing is very very critical. Because we know that supplement needs to be at a certain look for effective creatine. Again, is a great example that needs to reach certain levels in the muscle to be effective.

We know the dosing that’s required to get to that level. If that does isn’t provided the muscles will never reach the level and you’ll never get the benefits. So a little bit of creatine won’t provide a few results for bodybuilding. Dosing is very essential and that’s why I talk out against proprietary blends and concentrates.


Number four that you want to be concerned with is synergy and here I’m talking about the way ingredients work together to provide additional benefits beyond where each ingredient to provide on their own as well as how certain ingredients can undermine the effectiveness of certain ingredients. In fact, You have seen supplementation with many formulations where the scientists are actually undermining the effectiveness of other ingredients by adding certain things. Now, once you have great ingredients, proper form, proper dose, and the synergies all make sense.


The fifth pillar is the timing. Timing is essential to the results that you can expect. I’m a huge believer in pre and post-workout nutrition. Getting certain ingredients at those times with certain synergies, the proper doses of those ingredients in the proper form provide far better results
than if you took those same ingredients and other times a day. There are both types of research in the lab to support this and there are many many years of anecdotal support in the gym. On top of your solid nutrition foundation is going to prop up your results and the benefits that you can expect from supplements that is how supplementation can actually enhance your life, your performance.

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