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Nov 02,  · Location: a friendly land. HQPlayer does amazing things to music when upsampling PCM. SoX does not. At least not Sox as it is implemented in Volumio, Audirvana and everywhere else I’ve tried upsampling. Your experience may vary. I’m starting this thread to document my attempts to get SoX to deliver better results. Nov 13,  · To do the setup you’ll need (a) a Pi 4 to run the software, (b) an SD Card, and (c) a computer to burn the software image we’ll download onto the SD-Card and configure the SD-Card. The Pi4 will have to be connected to the network by a cable, and to a DAC by USB or a Pi-Hat like Pi2AES, HiFiBerry etc. Jun 29,  · Tl:dr: WTFPLAY >> Hysolid >>>> Winyl = Musicbee = Hqplayer = xmplay > Audirvana >> jriver = roon > Aimp > uapp on android > foobar > any bundled music player with windows or non asio supported players. Few other recommend players like PlayPCMwin, jetaudio and uLilith I’ll try after a while. A bit held up with tasks at the moment.


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After downloading a few hours of free music, the best candidate track I have so far is this one: Paisley Dark Edits Box 6 by Jezebell alternative suggestions are welcome though.

Woland , Aug 13, Thanks Woland for this interesting discussion. I just got turned on to upsampling. I’d tried it before a few years ago using SSRC and it seemed to make the sound worse so I thought no more of it. I don’t stream so it’s incredibly easy to offline upsample entire folders of music. With Yggrasil A2 I can upsample to at most The difference it makes is really noticeable: Top end is a lot more precise, hi-hats and ride cymbals have clearly delineated attacks rather than a fuzzy halo Less “grain” and a more liquid, organic sound Less congestion in the mids Less body and density – some people might not like this I can’t comment on bass as my system doesn’t reproduce bass at the moment waiting on subs.

My SOX recipe is: Code:. Garns , Aug 26, If you do ever want to play with dither.. That targets the dither to the bit depth of the DAC chips rather than the 24 bit interface. Woland , Aug 26, OK, I couldn’t resist modding sox to allow for longer filters. Like x 2 Epic x 1 List. Get help. Head-Fi Hi-Fi Reviews. Roon with HQPlayer sounds good. June 28, Previous article Audirvana Studio vs Roon. Stay Connected.

Must Read. It gave me fits and was about to give up when an individual on the Roon boards surmised my problem might be the OS. It is astounding to me that there are differences between all of the players with Roon and HQPlayer being the outliers. JRiver and Audirvana are for sure kissing cousins. There is very little if anything to distinguish audibly between the two when a Dac is setup identically with both.

But when Roon is brought into play there is a distinctive sound difference. Mostly with spacial characteristics and with some recordings a difference with mid bass that is very distinctive. To a trained listener it would be impossible not to notice. HQplayer does the opposite. HQplayer audio, to me, becomes more restrictive and slightly muted compared to JRiver or Audirvana. Compared to Roon it is very distingtive. I realize that HQplayer has various filters and all have some impact but I could never get back to JRiver with any setting I used.

So to me a lot is going on under the table that nobody talks about. I played around with HQ player for a bit. Does some interesting things with the spatial qualities of digital reproduction when upscaling.

However, when comparing it to simple red book via a CD transport HQ player upscaling has blunted dynamics and sounds veiled, similar to what it sounds like you experienced. Even in a poor quality power supply environment, it will be in the state of using a high quality power supply, which will help to solve unreproducible troubles.

Looks like witchcraft to me. Tks Major Contributor. Joined Apr 1, Messages 3, Likes 5, Doubt that, though I can verify thet Foobar for instance cannot play bit-perfect bit files like JRiver can. Tks said:. Joined May 26, Messages 48 Likes This is my honest subjetive opinion. I don’t know if these players do something to the bits with default config. I think both are bitperfect. Is the another player with Tidal support? I will try to record all when my Adi2 Pro FS arrive. Thomas savage said:.

Players that decode MQA will sound the best.. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads M. Zidoo Neo S Owner Observations. Replies 1 Views Aug 15, muslhead. Need local music player for headless Windows PC. Replies 5 Views 1K. May 7, haro. Replies Views 10K. Mar 2, Tangband.


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