Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction phase

Using pre-construction services can save you time and money on a construction project. These companies can help you with a wide range of tasks, including budgeting, scheduling, and estimating materials. They can also offer comprehensive reports and schematics to help you visualize your project.

The first part of the pre-construction phase is establishing a preliminary budget. This helps you determine how much money you’re going to need to complete your project. It also gives you a rough idea of when your project will be finished.

The other part of the pre-construction phase is identifying the materials and equipment you’ll need. These items may include concrete, lumber, and scaffolding. During this stage, you’ll need to find subcontractors, as well.

Finally, the pre-construction phase is the time to schedule your inspections and obtain any permits you’ll need. This will ensure that your project doesn’t get shut down before it’s finished.

The pre-construction phase is also the time to check the feasibility of your project. The framework that you build during this stage will help general contractors and other project stakeholders determine the scope of your project. It will also help them determine which features of your building are likely to need special attention. You’ll also find out how long it’ll take to build your building.

During the pre-construction phase, you can expect your contractor to be working with you to come up with a checklist of materials and equipment. These items will be used to develop bid packages. These documents will be used by your contractor to prepare a bid for the project.

The pre-construction phase is a critical part of any construction project. It’s a time to establish a preliminary budget and to set expectations with your client. It’s also the time to pull permits, find subcontractors, and schedule customer reviews. By doing these things early, you can avoid delays, miscommunication, and costly mistakes.

The pre-construction phase is also a good time to check out your options for alternative materials. Some materials can be purchased in advance of your project, saving you from having to pay higher prices.

Design phase

During the design phase, architects and clients work together to create a building that meets both their needs and budget. A collaborative design & build construction services process streamlines the construction process and ensures a smooth project delivery.

The design phase involves working with a team of architects, contractors, and engineers. During this time, each member of the team will review preliminary designs, assess existing structures, and determine areas for cost savings and productivity.

At this point, the construction company has established a contract with the client. They will provide a preliminary cost estimate, which will help the owner establish a budget for the project. At this stage, the construction company will also advise the client about the design refinement process.

During the design phase, a variety of design options will be presented to the client. The client will select the one that best meets their needs. In addition, the architect will discuss land-use restrictions and develop a proposal. The architectural firm will then negotiate the terms of the contract.

The schematic design phase will involve the creation of a basic form for the building. The drawings and sketches may include site plans, elevations, and preliminary floor plans. A structural engineer will typically join the team at this stage.

The design-build team will evaluate the utility systems, schedules, and functional requirements. They will also conduct research on the cost of various materials and products.

Once the building has been designed, the construction company will begin construction. The collaborative nature of the design-build process keeps change orders to a minimum, resulting in quicker construction. The cost of changes can greatly affect the overall cost of the project.

The final cost of the project will be negotiated to the satisfaction of both the client and the construction company. This cost is based on the scope of work defined in the documents. It is important that the construction documents are accurate. This can cause delays or re-designs if there are gaps in expectations.

The design-build process will also establish accountability and responsibility for the project. Each member of the team works to ensure that the project will meet the needs of the owner, and will minimize the need for change orders.

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