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Some like to enjoy reading while some like to spend countless hours playing video games in their free time. As reading is not everyone’s cup of tea, playing mobile games is usually preferred by most of the lot. In this tech-savvy era, the gaming industry is infested with plenty of mobile gaming apps like slashy. 

What Is Slashy??

To narrow down your search, I am going to extend a branch to you in the form of Slashy. That’s quite accurate. Slashy is the best thing that happened to the gaming world. It is a hyper-casual game in which the drill is quite simple. The player has to burst the discs by placing slices on them. For further exploration, I am listing the attractive features of this classic puzzle game in the following paragraphs. 


  • The Uniqueness in the Levels of the Game

Slashy comes with more than 300 interesting levels; each having a varied number of discs. In Level 1, the number of discs will be 3. It is worth noting that the count of discs will change at each odd level. For instance, Level 3 and Level 5 will have 4 and 5 discs, respectively. 


The maximum number of discs would be 8 which is achieved in Levels 11 and 12. From Level 13, the disc count will again become 3, and the cycle will keep on repeating from there. With this variation, the game will keep a lot of users hooked to its attraction. 


  • The Move-Set and the Timer Feature

There are a certain number of moves assigned to each level in which you have to accomplish that particular level. This will keep on continuing till Level 49, after which a timer will take place of the moves. 


And after Level 96, the movesets will again recapture their position. Therefore, keep in mind all of this when you are playing at a certain level. 


  • The Revolution and Rotation of Discs

To keep your gaming experience more amazing, the discs start rotating and revolving when you move ahead with the levels. In the later stages of the game, the discs will revolve around the slicing plate in an anti-clockwise direction. 


While in this revolution, the discs will also rotate on their own axis in a clockwise direction. In such revolution and rotation, you may imagine yourself right in the midst of the solar system. 

  • Use Hammer when you have reached an Impasse

You may encounter reaching an impasse when you are unable to fit a slice in its respective position. This might happen sometimes as the slice you are putting in won’t have the desired shape. In this difficult situation, you may avail of the Hammer feature. By using the Hammer, you may break the slicing plate and move ahead in the game. 


But be careful, the hammers are only 3 in number. When you run out of hammers, you have to watch certain advertisements to use more hammers. So, wield the hammers but don’t be an overzealous version of Thor. 


  • The Eve-Captivating Themes of Slashy

To make this puzzle game much more visually appealing, there is a trio of Themes that you can apply whenever you want. The themes are:-


Default Theme – This is for all those who have simple taste in everything. There is a sky blue screen on which you can play this game. 

Nature Theme – As the name suggests, it is for nature lovers. You may start breaking the discs amidst the trees and mountains. 

Night Theme – Here, you can enjoy this game in the midst of the visuals of the starry skies. You may revel in the dark beauty of the night. 



All in all, Slashy is that one game that everyone should definitely play. You may take a 5-minute break from your busy schedules and I guarantee that you will feel relaxed after a round of this classic puzzle game. So, stop waiting any longer and get this game for free from The App Store. 

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