Experity EMR/PM Software Review


Developed by urgent care experts and growth-minded professionals, Experity is the leading company offering a full suite of technology services for on-demand care providers. Experity EMR offers an integrated suite of practice management, billing and clinical workflow solutions. These solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of each practice. Experity helps providers deliver high-quality care while optimizing revenue. Using Experity, providers can better document and track patients’ visits. Experity also offers consulting services and in-person training. The company’s leadership is comprised of urgent care and business experts who are dedicated to improving on-demand healthcare.

Experity offers a complete clinical workflow solution that is integrated with medical billing and payment processing. The platform also includes real-time insurance verification, custom reporting and code automation connections. Experity helps providers optimize revenue, accelerate treatment times and provide accurate results. Experity has a proven track record of working with urgent care providers to help them thrive.

The company’s innovations are revolutionizing the way that on-demand healthcare is delivered. Experity’s solutions have streamlined the administrative work of medical practices, and they are empowering urgent care providers to deliver more effective care for their patients. Experity’s software also allows providers to streamline the charting process, which eliminates duplicate input on site and helps providers chart 80% of the most common urgent care visits in less than 60 seconds. Experity has made it easy for medical practices of all sizes to expand, scale and grow their business.

Experity’s solutions are designed to help urgent care providers of all sizes and specialties provide high-quality care for patients. The company’s solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs and workflows of each practice. Experity helps providers provide accurate results, improve patient experience and drive repeat visits. Experity’s solutions are also designed to help urgent care providers speed up treatment time and increase community care access.

Experity’s EMR/PM is designed specifically for urgent care centers. It offers comprehensive clinical workflow solutions, including practice management, billing, lab integration and teleradiology. It is also desktop-compatible and allows real-time chart updates. Experity’s EMR/PM also helps urgent care providers adjust to coding changes and manage pandemic-level visit volumes. Experity’s solutions are built on a scalable, cloud-based platform that is seamlessly connected.

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Experity’s software is leading to a new definition for delivery of care in on-demand care settings. Its tools work with the latest technology, enabling medical practices to grow and adapt while maintaining a patient-centric approach. The company has also invested over $50 million in innovation to provide its solutions. Experity’s innovations have already led to a dramatic impact on the urgent care industry’s capacity to scale during the global pandemic. The company continues to develop new features to keep up with the evolving needs of the industry. Experity also offers consulting services to help clients make the most of their solutions. Experity’s solutions are used by nearly 50% of the U.S. urgent care market.

Experity is a national leader in on-demand care solutions. The company has over 1,000 clients in the U.S. and has brought a new urgent care-focused EMR/PM to market in less than two years. Clients can license the new system now and upgrade based on their business needs.

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