5 UK B2B Ecommerce Promotional Agencies

Whether you are an online retailer or a bricks and mortar store, you will have to promote your business if you want to increase your sales and reach your target audience. A uk b2b ecommerce promotional agency can help you do just that. Here are some of the best agencies in the UK that can help you market your brand, increase traffic, and boost sales.

Octopus Group

Founded in 2001, Octopus Group is a full-service B2B marketing agency. The company helps global brands thrive. Its teams work together to create successful campaigns. Its services include paid media, content creation, strategy, research, and analytics. With offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and Sri Lanka, the agency has a global footprint.

The agency has a team of 60 experts. Its partners include Adobe, Good Energy, Hanwha Corporation, Logitech, Siemens, Origin Energy, and ACI Worldwide.

The agency recently won B2B Marketing Awards Grand Prix, Best Limited Budget Campaign, and Best Use of Digital, and was named one of PR Week’s Best Places to Work. It has a digital team that works closely with its creative and media teams to create campaigns that drive sales.

The agency also recently launched The Brand to Sales Academy, which will upskill staff on digital marketing. Its latest campaign, “Destination Next,” generated 360,000 impressions and 88 leads. The campaign also led to a 30% increase in average project size.

The agency also recently won the Small Content Marketing Agency of the Year award at the 2020 UK Content Awards. The agency’s team claims to have deep knowledge of four key tech markets. It also recently ran a virtual event for BT on 5G connectivity solutions.


Located in Nottingham, Adtrak has been in the advertising business for more than two decades. Their services include branding, web design, SEO and videography to name a few. They have a staff of well over a dozen, with a nifty little offices located in the heart of the city. They also boast a full-service marketing department that is capable of executing a grand plan on a shoestring budget. Adtrak has earned a 4.86 star rating from over 100 reviews. Despite being in the same office building since the dot com era, they manage to maintain a friendly work ethic and a willingness to innovate. In fact, Adtrak has the distinction of having the best marketing budget in its class, according to a recent benchmarking study.

They are also capable of delivering the goods when it comes to customer service. They have a slew of dedicated client service staff that are on a mission to ensure a positive client experience. Aside from a full service agency, they also operate a roving squad of mobile marketing professionals who are able to provide localized digital marketing expertise on the go.

Univers Labs

Univers Labs is an Oxford based digital agency that has been around for the better part of a decade. Although it’s not a boutique agency, it’s a savvy one at that. Aside from its b2b capabilities, the company has an impressive roster of clients in education, hospitality and finance. It’s also one of the more tech savvy agencies in the country, and it’s a good thing, because the company boasts some of the most interesting people in the business. It’s also a fab place to work for a company with a culture of innovation and an unbridled enthusiasm for learning.


Located in the city of Brighton, Bozboz is a well-rounded digital agency that specializes in designing impressive consumer experiences. Their portfolio of services includes web design, branding and optimisation, as well as videography and SEO. They have an impressive track record, and are capable of producing some pretty amazing work. They are well versed in the web development space, having worked on projects of all sizes and budgets. They can be hired on a project basis or as part of a full service digital marketing agency. They are a socially conscious company that values respect, and are a swanky bunch.

The company is also known for their attention to detail, and the fact that they can be contacted with ease. They are also reasonably priced. Their main offices are located in Brighton, but they have offices in London as well. The team is made up of a mix of veterans from the digital marketing agency world, as well as some new faces. They are also a tad obsessive, with a keen interest in the smallest details, and a keen eye for quality.

Clevertouch Marketing

Amongst a number of leading marketing automation consulting firms in Europe, Clevertouch Marketing has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected. The agency has been responsible for campaigns with some of the world’s leading brands, including Samsung, Fujitsu, Shell, PayPal, Deliveroo, Sprint and more.

Clevertouch Marketing specialises in MarTech solutions and offers three software solutions for marketers to use. The agency’s expertise lies in helping brands create campaigns to increase revenue and improve return on investment. The agency has a team of experts that connect with clients directly to find the best solutions for them.

The agency’s portfolio includes a variety of B2B and B2C clients. Its areas of specialisation include inbound marketing, brand building, messaging, programme creation and proposition development. The agency also has a dedicated team called Labs that is tasked with developing new ideas and strategies.

The agency’s work has also earned them several awards. In 2021, the company landed gold for Best Use of MarTech for Demand Generation and Best Lead Generation Campaign. They were also named Fastest Growing Marketing Agency in the 2021 B2B Marketing Report.


Located in Bury, Greater Manchester, Seeksocial is a full-service digital marketing agency whose clients include Mokanix, Facebook and Shopify. The company has won some big awards and has a highly talented team with more than 40 years of marketing experience. In fact, it was named by Clutch in its top B2B UK Companies list for 2021.

While the company isn’t exactly a one-stop shop for all things digital, its most prominent offering is digital design, which has resulted in notable successes for clients such as Mokanix and Shopify. For example, the company’s latest ad campaign increased leads by 300% and reduced cost per lead by a whopping 85%. A large part of the success has been thanks to the company’s ability to solve complex challenges with ease and grace. Aside from its digital offerings, Seeksocial has a strong marketing and branding department, a top-notch creative studio and a nifty office in the city centre. This combination of onsite, remote and virtual teams makes the company a real player in its field.

Fox Agency

Integrated B2B marketing agency Fox Agency has recently launched a new London office, which will help them to attract top talent and increase the number of clients they work with. The office, which is managed by David Clare, will also help the team to network with key London B2B events, and support the company’s recruitment pool.

The agency, which specialises in B2B tech marketing, offers services in a variety of areas, including online marketing, content marketing, and search marketing. They also work with technology brands and innovative companies, providing insight and brand strategy.

Fox Agency has offices in Leeds and London. They have a team of specialists who have expertise in the electronics, financial services, automotive, and technology industries. They also have a team that works in research, media presence, and insight. The agency also offers content marketing and advertising.

Fox Agency has also recently appointed Phil Stott as Client Strategy Director. Stott will provide expert strategic direction across the agency’s digital campaigns. He will also support wider strategic briefs.

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