Multifocal Pigmentation

Multifocal Pigmentation

Multifocal Pigmentary disorder (MPD) is a common facial condition that occurs mostly in women. It causes pigmented spots on the face, including the lips, cheeks, eyelids, and around the nose. MPD can also cause dark spots on the gums, mouth, or other areas of the body such as hands and fingernails. Although MPD is not a health threat, many people feel that it limits their self-confidence because of its appearance.


Multifocal pigmentation (MFP) is a condition that affects the gums, oral mucosa, and skin in people with darkly pigmented eyes. It causes discoloration of the whites of the eyes, part of the nose, lips, and fingernails With multifocal pigmentation, you may feel that your skin and hair are darker than normal. This is a common trait among some ethnic and racial groups, especially in the Middle East and Africa. You’ll also notice areas of lighter pigmentation on the face and hands.

Darkly pigmented gums and oral mucus membranes are not a health threat. However, many people feel that it is a sign of disfigurement. White teeth are generally considered attractive. Their whiteness increases self-confidence and helps us to look our best. However, people with darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile and may even have multiple oral health conditions such as oral bleeding, swelling, and ulcers.

Multifocal Pigmentation

How to fix the issue?

Darkly pigmented gums don’t necessarily indicate a health problem. But many people feel that when darkly pigmented gums are present, such as in certain ethnic groups, it limits their self-confidence and makes them feel less beautiful as a person.

Gums and oral mucus membranes are not a health threat. However, many people feel that darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile. Black teeth can also be unattractive if they are discolored or stained by tobacco use. We carry treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth by whitening them, making them whiter and brighter.

Darkly pigmented gum tissue or the appearance of dark spots in the gums and oral mucus membranes is a normal part of your body’s natural pigment production cycle. Although a little bit of pale skin within the gums may be aesthetically pleasing, these spots are not a health threat and will not reduce your self-confidence.

Multifocal Pigmentation

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The term multifocal pigmentation (MP) describes the occurrence of darker color in the gums, lips, gingiva, and oral mucus membranes. The majority of people with MP do not have any health concerns. However, many people feel it can limit their self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile; therefore concealment of MP may be occurring to mask this. MP is usually the result of melanin or other pigment deposits in the skin that produce pigmented areas when cut or scraped away. It can also be caused by some medications (for example retinoids).

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