Tools and Resources for writing research papers

Writing an academic paper can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but with the right tools you will be able to write your essay much simpler. In this article we’ve put together eight tools and resources to help you work more effectively and efficiently when writing an academic paper.

Writing your essay, A complete guide for free

If you’re eager to begin creating your piece, NY Publishers have a guide for you. writing your paper for free guide can be a helpful tool to guide you through the various stages of writing. This guide will help you through writing your piece from beginning to end, beginning with preparation and setting up your structure, and then writing each section of your paper, and getting it ready to submit it. Find out everything you need to be aware of:
  • Article structure and formatting
  • Selecting keywords and writing to SEO
  • How do you create your research paper
  • Enhancing your writing
  • The finalization of the paper’s details
  • Examining the ethical implications
Toodis Toodis is a task-management application that will help you stay organized throughout writing. Writing academic papers is not simply about putting words down on paper. Indeed, some researchers may argue that writing part is one of the most enjoyable components! The tasks you have to complete prior to writing are crucial to the success of your writing. If you’ve gone through our Writing your paper for free guide, you’ll be aware that you must prepare prior to writing. You must plan your thoughts, your items, and steps you’ll need to follow to write your essay to submit. This is the point where Toodis can help you. Toodis is a great tool to plan, schedule and creating an outline for your work, personal and academic projects. The reason it is so popular is its basic functionality and its portability. It is available on tablets, phones as well as a computer, with amazing ability to collaborate and integrate. It could be as if you had your personal assistant on hand every moment of the day. Toodis is completely free to use However, for greater limits on your projects, or for additional features such as reminders, you are able to decide whether you require an upgrade paid version.

An example of a basic outline:


If you’re looking for an efficient method of taking notes and organize the research materials you have, Evernote can be a great tool to think about. You can arrange your research with an outline of your notebook to keep similar notes in one place. It is also possible to improve the value of your notes by adding images, text and other documents. Another feature that is useful is the ability to record audio notes using the built-in recorder. It’s simple to communicate and discuss your notebooks and notes without leaving the Evernote application. Remember that you can also create Toodis tasks using Evernote notes and vice versa to boost your productivity. The base Version that comes with Evernote can be downloaded for free. It allows you to make unlimited notes, but with a limit of storage space to 60MB per month. For additional storage, you’ll need the upgrade to a subscription plan.

Here’s an idea of what it might appear like when you first start:


Grammarly is a typing aid which uses artificial intelligence to spot mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. It then suggests a correct alternative. Once you have it installed on your computer or laptop It will alert you to any mistakes in your writing and provide the option to correct it, or even ask you to eliminate certain phrases. Be aware that your essay could contain technical words or words that Grammarly may not comprehend and flag as mistakes. Therefore, ensure that you review the directions from Grammarly before submitting the changes. The primary functionality of Grammarly is for free. It assists in identifying the majority of grammar and spelling mistakes However, to ensure you have a thorough check of your writing the paid premium version is offered. You might also look into hiring an experienced academic editor to ensure that your paper is compliant with the scholarly English standards.


Research of the highest quality requires proper academic writing. Refn-n-Write is a program that comes with an impressive collection of terms that are used for academic research. Making use of artificial intelligence it provides information on how to select the correct academic word, cross-referencing prior writing, suggesting fresh ideas as well as other suggestions. Non-native English users may benefit from this tool to paraphrase their writing and to improve their English writing abilities through practice. To try out the paraphrasing, referencing, as well as phrase banks you can join for a no-cost trial. Do not let the language to be a barrier in publishing your research. Check out this guide to find out more about how to overcome barriers to publication with international journal.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an editing tool that will assist you in improving your writing by identifying the areas in your writing that impact reading comprehension. Clarity in writing is crucial for communicating your research effectively to readers. The tool will also guide you in improving the grammar of your document. It helps you identify sentences that are difficult to comprehend, phrases or words that have simple alternatives, passive voices and the number of adverbs you have in your document. Hemingway App offers a free version, but there is an upgraded version that includes features like formatting, publishing and much more. If you want to be confident about the quality of your essay, take the additional step of hiring professionals in editing relevant to your subject. They’ll ensure that your paper is free of spelling, grammatical and other language mistakes that are common.

Templates for journal and article articles

To speed up some time these templates, which are downloadable for article submissions and journals can be a valuable source to format your manuscript. The templates will aid you in formatting your manuscript properly for submission, and ensure you have all the information that the journal is looking for. Be sure to download the appropriate template and incorporate it into your research paper. Follow the directions provided. Make sure you follow the directions on your particular research paper’s style of writing. Here’s an an overview of the many of research papers. You can also concentrate in your work and cut down on time by let professionals with experience in formatting academic papers handle the format for your research manuscript.

Writing your paper checklist

This checklist is an excellent aid to look over all the information you require for writing a good piece of writing. You may be writing a piece for a project or submit to journals this list will provide you with crucial information about what constitutes a great NY Publishers.
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