The Usage of Pogo Pin

A Pogo Pin is a very fine probe, and the volume can be made. It can be used in precision connectors to reduce the weight of the connector, save space, and have a beautiful appearance.

Introduction of Pogo Pin

During the use of Pogo Pin, the male and female ends are docked. It can be powered on, transmit signals, etc., to achieve various functions. For example, it can replace the old plug-in DC power supply, AC power supply, audio plug, RJ45, etc. Pogo Pin can be soldered on the PCB to make it fixed or fixed on the product structure, which requires professional design engineers to solve.

The Usage of Pogo Pin

The thimble arrangement should consider the edge distance between the thimble and the water delivery channel to avoid affecting the processing and water leakage.


-Considering the exhaust function of the ejector pin, to discharge the ejector, the ejector pin should be placed in the part where a vacuum is easily formed. For example, despite the rubber part’s small packing force, a vacuum tends to form at the large plane of the cavity, which leads to an increase in the release force.


-For plastic parts with appearance requirements, the thimble should not be placed on the design surface, and other spray methods should also be used.


-For transparent plastic parts, the thimble cannot be placed in the part that needs to transmit light.


-Choose a thimble with a larger diameter with sufficient injection locations; a larger diameter and size preferred thimble should be used.


-The size of the thimble should be as small as possible. Thimbles should be sized to minimize size and size, and the preferred size series should be used whenever possible.


-The selected thimble should meet the requirements of ejection strength. When ejecting, the thimble should bear a lot of pressure. When the diameter of the thimble is less than 2.5MM, the thimble should be selected to avoid the bending deformation of the small thimble,


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