Four Amazing Benefits of Reading Superhero Comics

Benefits of Reading Superhero Comics

What are superheroes, and what can we learn from their stories? This is a question that has often been debated around the world mainly because not only do these stories resonate with young audiences but adults as well.

According to comic book legend Stan Lee, “Superheroes will always spark the imagination of people around the world regardless of their background because I think that people are always looking for something that represents the ideal person or the ideal situation.” On that inspiring note, here are five major benefits of reading superhero comics.

Benefits of Reading Superhero Comics

1.    Comic Book Turns A Reluctant Readers Into A Ravenous Reader

One of the best and perhaps the most obvious benefits of reading a comic book is that they are fun to read. You’d hardly find an individual saying that comic books aren’t fun. There is a possibility that different people prefer different types of superhero stories. But the bottom line will always be comic books are fun to read. Hence, reading superhero comics book can turn a reluctant reader into a ravenous reader slowly and gradually.

2.    Comic Books Give You Confidence

If there is one thing comic books are known for is that they aren’t intimidating. It’s a colorful book filled with interesting characters that you can relate to. According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, a majority of comic book readers are introverts who suffer from social anxiety. On the other hand, superhero comic books can help children with dyslexia who find it difficult to finish a traditional book. Successfully completing a comic book can give these kids a sense of accomplishment and help their growth and development.

3.    Comic Books Expand A Child’s Vocabulary

Ok, so this might be an unpopular opinion, but reading a comic book can actually help kids increase their bank of words. Most people, when they think of comic books, don’t take into account the words that are used on every page. While we may not use those words in everyday interactions, they help transmit information in a very non-traditional manner. Words like Kaboom, POW, or THWAT can actually help children decipher information using text and contextual cues.

4.    Comic Books Can Teach Life Lessons More Effectively

Now imagine your parents telling you to act and behave in life. The idea of someone lecturing us on how we’re supposed to live our lives is not something everyone appreciates. However, reading a comic book can help an individual understand the concept of cause and effect, good and bad, moral high ground, and doing the right thing. The character development of superheroes in a traditional comic book doesn’t revolve around when and how they use their powers. What makes a person a superhero is that they don’t use their powers for power gains but to help those in need.


All in all, reading superhero comics can not only be entertaining but also teach a few life lessons. The best part is anyone can read them. Every individual at some point in their life wanted to have some powers or become a superhero – While this may be a little farfetched, you can still enjoy reading these comics and become a part of a community of comic book readers. Visit Comixgags and search through our extensive collection of comic books that will blow your mind with amazing artwork and gripping storytelling.


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