Automate Your Business With These 3 Tools

There are numerous tools available for you to automate your business. Some of these tools include IFTTT, Zapier, and ThinkAutomation. The more you know about them, the better. These tools can help you automate your business with ease. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these tools.


If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, is a web automation service that connects a wide variety of different services. You can automate anything from social media posts to business processes. As the Internet becomes increasingly plugged into our daily lives, web applications like IFTTT have become more important than ever. They can provide services that once only required expensive software, and are now available for free or at a very low cost. IFTTT is particularly useful if you use a lot of online services and want to save time and money on administrative tasks.

IFTTT also makes accounting easy. You can have your staff email invoices, receipts, and expenses to a dedicated Gmail address. When those emails come in, IFTTT will add the first attachment to a Google Spreadsheet. This means you don’t have to spend hours searching through emails looking for documents. It will all be done automatically for you!

IFTTT was founded on the principle that everything works better together. This belief is especially relevant when it comes to building smart homes and creating automatic routines in our daily lives. IFTTT aims to bridge the gap between all these disparate services and make the process easy for both parties.

IFTTT has a mobile application and a website. You can download the IFTTT app from the App Store or Google Play for free. To get started with IFTTT, you need to connect the accounts of various services you use. Once you have done that, you can set up your applets to automate various tasks for you.


Automating business tasks is a great way to save time and avoid human errors. While people can easily forget or make mistakes, computers are remarkably reliable. For example, you can use Zapier to make sure every client file is stored in Dropbox, and that important emails are delivered on time. This will help you focus on more important tasks.

There are thousands of apps that Zapier can connect to automate tasks and improve business processes. There are triggers and actions for each app, and you can create as many Zaps as you need. You can even automate repetitive tasks using Zapier, making your business processes faster and more consistent.

Automation is a crucial part of marketing. It helps you respond to your customers quickly and personalised. You can automate your email marketing and social media management by setting up Zaps. The system also helps you organize your client data. Automated responses to customer queries can make the difference between a customer contacting you and not.

If you’re a blogger, Zapier can automatically post articles to your blog in your social networks. You can also use Zapier to post videos to YouTube and articles to WordPress sites. Zapier can also automate the creation of new tweets from new posts. This feature is especially useful if you’re trying to connect social media with your email marketing.


ThinkAutomation is a software platform that enables you to automate your business processes. Its flexible automation capabilities enable you to automate single or multiple processes. This means you no longer have to worry about manually entering data or ensuring that all the processes get finished. You can automate complex activities that repeat often.

ThinkAutomation allows you to automate everything from order tracking to customer care. It allows you to automatically create automated keep-in-touch emails, update your CRM, and more. ThinkAutomation can even record your phone calls and sync the recordings with your business’s CRM system. Your customers can also be notified of changes to your website with an automated follow-up email.

ThinkAutomation is a comprehensive business process automation solution for both on-premise and cloud-based businesses. It is designed to receive messages from different sources, such as email, webhooks, and SMS. It can then automatically execute Automations, which are simple drag-and-drop configurations that can accomplish a variety of business process Actions. The ThinkAutomation platform has more than 100 built-in Actions and is extensible through Custom Actions.

The ThinkAutomation platform comes with various triggers for automation workflows. These triggers are determined by the message source or service, which determines whether the automation should run. Users can also choose from existing examples of automations or create new ones. You can drag rule-based logic processes or Azure services into workflows, and even create your own custom scripts.

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