Complete Guide To Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 10

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Windows 10 may become stuck on a black screen without a cursor occasionally after installing a Windows update or the most recent Windows 10 1903 upgrade. The incompatible display driver is the most likely reason for the Windows 10 black screen of death issue. Windows users frequently face the Black Screen of Death error, which is similar to the Blue Screen of Death problem.

Reinstalling the display driver with the most recent version and disabling the Fast startup option is likely two effective Fixes for the Black Screen of Death Error in Windows 10. This Windows 10 black screen with a cursor or without a cursor is caused by corrupted system files once again, improper power configuration (Fast startup function), and more. 

What is a black screen of death error?

When an operating system reaches a point where it can no longer run the system securely, the term Black Screen of Death refers to the stop error that is displayed on the Windows system following a fatal system fault called a system crash. anytime a problem with the monitor connection, BIOS settings, graphics drivers, or other sources cause your computer to display a blank or black screen. Because you can’t see what’s on the screen, the black screen can be a problem.

Reliable solutions to fix windows black screen

A black screen on your computer might occur for several causes, as was already discussed. And there are several instances of black screens brought on by Windows itself, such as when we install, log in to, update Windows, or wake up Windows from sleep mode. We have carefully examined each of these issues and offered a solid answer because they are so typical.

  • After or During Installing Windows
  • After Updating Windows
  • Before Logging in to Windows
  • After Windows Goes into Sleep Mode
  • Display only a Cursor
  • Stuck at Preparing Automatic Repair

Effective fixes for black screens on various brands of PCs

The technology in most computers is similar, but because of design variances, machines from different brands are more likely to experience unique black screen issues. For your convenience, we have gathered a list of common computer brand-related black screen issues, including Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Surface Book, etc., along with straightforward fixes.

Simple fixes for black screens caused by software problems

Black screen issues can also occur on software, such as the OBS recording screen or Chrome browser playing a video, in addition to computer and system issues. Although the answers to these issues are simple, we have categorized them for you so that you may find them easily.

Proven solutions for black screen issues when playing videos

The black screen that appears when viewing videos is an additional situation that has a broad impact on many people. As is well known, a lot of people enjoy viewing videos, therefore when a really good clip is playing, it is disappointing when the screen abruptly goes blank. However, this can also occur when using VLC or YouTube to view videos, so we offer a simple and efficient fix for a variety of video playback issues that result in black screens.

Common ways to fix the black screen of death on windows

Here, we’ve compiled the most popular fixes for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and even XP’s black screen of death. See which one works best for you by giving them a try.

1. Repair the black screen of death in safe mode

Safe Mode repair is the recommended solution for the black screen of death if hardware and driver problems are to blame. To fix the hardware and driver problems, try the following steps. 

  • The machine will boot into Diagnostics Mode on the third try after you turn it on and off three times. Select Advanced Options as soon as the Diagnostics Mode is activated.
  • To restart the computer, choose to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings, and then, in the startup menu, select Enable Safe Mode.
  • When the computer resumes in Safe mode, choose the Display Adapter in Device Manager. Disable the driver by performing a right-click on it.

Do not forget to get the most recent driver by visiting the manufacturer’s website or Windows Update. If the Windows Update is properly installed, restart the computer to fix the black screen of death.

2. Evaluate the power


A bad power supply may also be the cause of the Windows black screen of death. Therefore, you must determine whether the black screen is due to a PSU problem or not. Look for any problematic hardware components. And if every component functions properly, the power source is probably to blame.

Therefore, the only viable option is to completely replace the power supply. However, we advise that you first check the other fixes before proceeding.

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