Advantage SMART Practice Solution by Compulink Software

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Advantage SMART Practice solution by Compulink Software. You’ll learn about their certifications, client success stories, and employee data. Then, we’ll discuss what the software can do for your business. Regardless of your business’s size, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you.

Compulink’s Advantage SMART Practice solution

Compulink’s Advantage SMART practice solution offers practice management, EHR, and patient engagement in one platform. It streamlines clinical documentation and eliminates time-consuming and costly tasks. With this solution, practice managers and doctors can focus more on providing exceptional patient care.

Its SMART workflow engine uses real-time data to drive efficiencies and automate administrative tasks, maximizing physician time with patients and delivering better financial results. The solution features an intelligent billing system that can automate claims submission, remittance posting, and eligibility tasks. In addition, the system optimizes workflow with features such as the Advantage SMART Workflow. The SMART Workflow feature uses patient appointment type to move patients through the office and lets staff members know who needs to be seen first.

A new interface streamlines the user experience with a more modern, user-friendly look. The new UI includes updated button styles and colors, and pop-up hover menus for easy navigation. Moreover, the system also eliminates the need for in-house billers.

Advantage SMART Practice is powered by artificial intelligence and enables physicians to use the latest CPT codes, including the newly-adopted 2021 E/M codes. These changes will affect the way physicians code every office visit. Advantage SMART Practice’s AI engine uses this new methodology to automatically suggest the highest reimbursement level. This helps physicians reduce the burden of coding and improve patient care.

It also helps practices gain more patients. With built-in video chat capabilities, Advantage SMART Practice also enables doctors to provide care to patients who cannot physically come into the office. These patients may be hesitant to attend the doctor’s office, so this solution helps doctors gain more patients by allowing non-contact appointments.

Compulink’s client success

Compulink’s EHR platform offers an integrated patient experience, enabling practices to create better relationships with patients. The company’s Client Success team is dedicated to helping clients implement the platform quickly. They provide unlimited training and support. In addition, they help practices build customer loyalty and successful communication strategies.

Compulink is one of the most trusted names in healthcare IT. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and is one of the largest providers of EHR technology for ambulatory care. They have more than 15,000 healthcare providers who use their solutions. Their integrated technology platform combines proprietary and partner solutions in a single, unified user interface.

Compulink’s certifications

Compulink is a leader in specialty practice EHR solutions. Its Advantage/EHR version 10 has been certified by the ONC-ATCB as a 2011/2012 compliant EHR. This means that it meets Stage 1 meaningful use requirements and can help providers participate in CMS payment and incentive programs.

The Advantage SMART Practice solution includes a specialty-specific EHR, practice management, inventory management, patient engagement, ASC, and E-commerce capabilities. It is also certified for MIPS and is used by more than 25,000 providers and 70 ASCs. The SMART Practice solution has been certified by the ONC for MIPS, and is used by universities and ASCs across the country.

Advantage Version 12 of the software is certified as compliant with the ONC-ACB’s 2015 Edition. It has been approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The company is a member of the IHE Eye Care Planning Committee and the IHE Technical Committee. For more information, visit the Compliancy Group website.

Compulink is a 36-year-old company based in Newbury Park, California. It has approximately 200 employees. Due to its acquisition by Covid, most are working remotely. These employees are responsible for development, sales, and support of proprietary medical record software. They have low turnover and a strong commitment to the company.

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Employee data

Compulink software is a web-based software that allows healthcare organizations to manage and store employee data. Compulink uses SQL to perform most of its functions, but if you need a customized function, contact Compulink support. Compulink also offers Community Services and other online information.

Compulink’s healthcare EHR software is an all-in-one solution for healthcare organizations. It helps streamline workflows and speeds up documentation. It includes features for revenue cycle management, practice management, patient engagement, and eligibility requests. Moreover, it is available on a hosted server or the cloud, and it can be customized to meet the needs of specific medical practices.

Compulink is committed to keeping your confidential information secure. We encourage you not to share your login or password with anyone else. If you share it with others, you should make sure they know it’s confidential. The same applies to the Sharing Content. If you share your passwords, you are responsible for any activity that takes place under your account.


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