The Cuteness Overload of the Kawaii Strawberry Cow Oversized Hoodie

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My life was once dreary and uneventful, but when the Kawaii Strawberry Cow Oversized Hoodie came into my life, it became wonderful and amazing! The kind people at My Heart Teddy sent me this adorable oversized hoodie to try out, and boy am I glad they did! The oversized hoodie features a cute pink strawberry cow design with big brown eyes that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face as soon as they see it.

Why this cute hoodie will make you smile

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you see this kawaii hoodie! It features a cute strawberry cow who’s just waiting to give you a big hug. You’ll never want to take it off, so we’ve made sure that it’s oversized. This means that no matter what your size is, this will fit you like a glove. Plus, with its amazing fabric, you’ll feel cozy and warm all day long. Plus, did we mention that each purchase helps feed cows? That’s right- with each purchase of this sweatshirt, one cow gets fed. Your next purchase could help save an animal in need while keeping yourself looking adorable!

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Who this cute hoodie is perfect for

This hoodie is perfect for any kawaii merchandise enthusiast, a kawaii shop owner, or someone looking to add some fun and cuteness to their wardrobe. There are so many adorable features on this hoodie that will make you smile with every wear!

The hoodie’s strawberry ears are attached with Velcro so they can be worn up or down -When the hood is down, there are two large pockets in the front which can fit your phone, keys, wallet and even a small water bottle!

There’s also an adorable strawberry tail sewn onto the back of the hoodie which adds even more cuteness to this already cute sweatshirt

So what are you waiting for? Shop this limited edition sweatshirt today!

Why it makes a great gift

It’s so cute and I’m sure you’ll love it too. This hoodie is from a kawaii shop called My Heart Teddy, where they have a lot of other adorable and super soft kawaii merchandise as well. They also have international shipping, so if you are not in Japan, this is the perfect place to get your hands on some adorable goodies. And if you’re in Japan? You’re in luck! My Heart Teddy has a physical store right near Harajuku Station, so stop by and find your new favorite outfit today!

How it fits and feels

This kawaii hoodie is just like a hug from a strawberry cow. It has an oversized body, with sleeves that reach to your wrists and a hood that covers your head. The fabric is soft, but not too heavy so it’s perfect for layering up on a winter day. The kawaii strawberry cow design is adorable and I love that it’s printed on the front and back. This hoodie makes me happy every time I wear it! Not only is it super cute and comfy, but I get compliments all the time when I wear it because of the kawaii design. The company sells other merchandise as well, including hats and other cool shirts featuring different characters. Check out their website to see more!

Where you can get it at the best price

If you’re looking to buy a kawaii hoodie and are looking for some pretty sweet deals, then check out our website. We offer a wide variety of kawaii merchandise at super affordable prices. For example, this adorable strawberry cow oversized hoodie will have you wanting to cuddle up in it all day long! This fleece lined sweatshirt is perfect for any occasion and is so soft, cozy, and warm. It also has a detachable hood as well as front pockets which are great for storing snacks or your phone. The best part about this hoodie is that it’s currently on sale for only $26.99 USD! Don’t wait too long before snatching up this sweet deal because it may not last forever!

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