How to Get the Full House Design Look in Your Home

If you’re a fan of the Full House design series and are looking to re-create the look in your own home, here’s how to get the look you love without having to completely remodel! If you have an older house that lacks some of the newer features, don’t fret! Many elements of the Full House design can be easily integrated into your existing home with minimal or no renovation required. Here’s what you need to know about getting the look in your own home!

Decorating with a bit of history

Full House Design is an American home decorating style that emerged after World War II. The style is characterized by bold, bright colors and a mix of traditional and modern pieces. To achieve this look in your home, try painting your walls with a vivid color (a shade of red or green can be quite eye-catching). Add pops of color with accessories like throw pillows and accent rugs. A bit of history is all you need to get the Full House design look! Be sure to paint your walls in an attention-grabbing hue and add more colorful accents through accessories such as throws and floor coverings. If you love antiques, consider adding a few old pieces from different periods for contrast.

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Mixing textures, patterns, and prints

Mixing textures, patterns and prints is all about creating a modern, eclectic look. One of the best ways to achieve this look is by using three different textures or patterns on one piece of furniture like your sofa. You can also use two different textures or patterns on one item like a rug and still have it be considered Full House Design.But what if you want a room that’s totally coordinated with Full House Design? Maybe you’re hosting an event or having company over and want everything to look good together. It’s easy! Start with one texture or pattern as your base and build from there. If you want everything in your home to be textured, start by choosing a fabric for upholstery and use it for pillows too for continuity.

Work with what you have

I’m always surprised at how much I can do with what I have when it comes to decorating my home. Sure, it’s not ALLURE magazine worthy, but it’s mine and that makes it wonderful! As a little girl I was always fascinated with how my mom could take a modest living room and turn into a beautiful space for us. My living room has transformed over the years from contemporary chic to full house design (yes, like on TV!). It really is possible to create an inviting space without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling as though your space doesn’t reflect your personality or lifestyle, here are some tips on how to get the FULL HOUSE DESIGN look in your home

The details make the difference

At Allure Interior Design, we know that every space needs a unique personality. With our expertise, your home can have an eclectic style or a more traditional look. No matter what you’re going for, we’ll be able to bring it to life with just the right amount of flair. We offer personalized design services that are tailored to you and your lifestyle. From decorating your living room and dining room to designing your basement and whole house renovations, our team will help you get the full house design look that fits both your taste and budget. We understand how overwhelming a decision it can be when it comes to what kind of design style would work best for you. But don’t worry!

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