Advantages of Different Types of Tyres Available In The Market

Tyres Available

Getting the right tyre can be a hassle among the different types of brands and models available to purchase. Below, we break down different types of tyres by the season of road conditions and provide a firm review of which one to buy. 

Different Types of Tyres Birmingham

Summer Tyres: These tyres produce the best driving performance when the temperature is above 7 degrees celsius.


  • Long-lasting: The hot temperature in the summers can damage the surface of standard units when driven on burning roads. Luckily, summer tyres are constructed with premium-quality rubber compounds to provide long-lasting wear and decrease premature damage. 
  • Enhanced rolling resistance: Because summer tyres come with a shallow tread depth, they are able to deliver superior rolling resistance when driving. Moreover, the low rolling resistance of these tyres delivers improved fuel efficiency and increases mileage performance. 
  • Superior handling: Getting the best handling on roads is vital for car owners to get trustworthy drive throughout the summer season. The durable frame along with large tread blocks of summer tyres allow excellent heat resistance and provide great control on a dry and wet road. 

Winter Tyres: These tyres produce the best driving performance when the temperature drops under 7 degrees celsius Landsail Tyres Birmingham


  • Premium-quality construction: The rubber used in creating winter tyres allows them to remain elastic even in extreme winter conditions. This helps decrease the risk of premature damage caused by rough winter roads. 
  • Outstanding traction: The road conditions during the winter season can be unpredictable. Winter tyres come with deep tread to provide exceptional traction as well as grip throughout the winters. 
  • Outstanding braking: Fitting winter tyres on your automobile can help get superior breaking performed in the snow as well as ice-covered tracks and decrease the risk of skidding. 
  • Driving in snow: There are several kinds of tyres available for the winter season that are meant to conquer tough snow-covered roads and deliver the best control.

All-season Tyres: As the name indicates, all-season tyres deliver reliable performance throughout the year and in all kinds of weather and road conditions. 


  • Convenient: The all-adaptive rubber compounds used for constructing all-season tyres deliver trustworthy performance in all kinds of mild weather conditions throughout the year. 
  • Moderate tread depth: All-season tyres come with not too shallow and not too deep tread to offer reliable traction, grip and control all year round.
  • Comfort: Buying and installing all-season tyres on your car removes the need of switching tyres every other season to get dependable performance or safety. 
  • Additional Features: Car owners can also buy all-season tyres with additional features such as M+S markings, the best wet grip grade or more. 

Performance Tyres: Performance tyres are ideal for car owners looking to get race-track performance on normal city roads for their sports or a high-end luxury car. 


  • Superior stability: Driving your sports car with standard variants can threaten your safety and decrease performance on-road. Fortunately, fitting performance tyres on your vehicle will offer exceptional handling without reducing safety even when you drive at high speeds
  • Sturdy built: The high-quality and robust construction of performance tyres makes them less likely to get damaged early because of rough road or weather conditions. Moreover, their design enables the best grip and traction when driving at slow or high speeds. 
  • Reduced Costs: The innovative design of performance tyres combined with a low-rolling resistance delivers the best fuel-efficient drive and enhances the mileage. 
  • Enhanced Stability: Performance tyres have unique centre bands as well as durable sidewalls to help maintain structural integrity while driving at high speeds. This helps prevent bulges and allows the tyres to last long. 

4×4 tyres: 4×4 tyres deliver the best driving performance and safety to SUVs, CUVs or light trucks. 


  • Strong built: 4×4 tyres come with strengthened sidewalls and a robust design to successfully tackle rugged terrains. 
  • Tread: The tread on 4×4 tyres are deeper and much more aggressive. Also, the additional sipes make them ideal for excellent traction, handling and braking performance on muddy and slushy tracks.
  • Premium Compound: 4×4 tyres gets constructed with a premium-quality and robust silica-induced rubber compound that is widely known for delivering enhanced rolling resistance. 
  • Comfort: The clever design of 4×4 tyres deliver a safe and stable drive to heavy cars in cities or while offroading. 
  • Low Punctur Rick: 4×4 tyres are less likely to get punctured or unexpectedly lose air pressure while driving. 
  • Long-lasting: Lastly, the durable rubber compounds used for making 4×4 tyres allows them to last longer compared with normal variants. 

For more information about Landsail Tyres, you can drive down to a well-known tyre provider and consult the in-house technicians. 

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