Corded Or Cordless Roller Blinds. Which One Is Good In Canada?

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Roller blinds are no doubt one of the top-end window blinds across the globe, known for their simplicity very well. Although, they didn’t have the standard or trademark design of window blinds.

Indeed, roller blinds are very versatile yet different window blinds in the whole lineup. Still manages to be a top-end while even being a synthetic-material-based window blind.

Roller blinds are not the oldest but are surely been here for a while now, but still quite good to sync with the modern interior of the world. This is surely because of the simple design they have.

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They are roller blinds, their name reflects their core functionality. They are vertically functional. So, that’s why they are so ideal for tall windows, and that is a standalone reason they are only a few of the ideal solutions for Canadians.

Window Blinds like Roller blinds do come with corded and even cordless options, so, why cordless roller blinds are an ideal option for Canada?

First, Why Roller Blinds Are Ideal For Canada?

As I said, roller blinds are vertically functional so this makes them ideal for tall windows. But how? Covering tall windows with those window blinds that have slats in them, has some issues.

Firstly, standard window blinds that have the standard slats functionality are a bit more expensive than roller blinds, as there is no such slats functionality in them, as there are no slats, obviously.

Rather than slats functionality, roller blinds have an up-and-down functionality, which is somehow pretty good for tall windows.

Roller blinds are single panel-based coverings, that panel is functionalized to roll around a tube at the top. This process can be corded and can also be cordless too.

The reason why roller blinds are so ideal for tall windows is that they are a single panel that works vertically. This functionality sync rightly more than any other window blind when on tall windows.

There is an alignment of this vertical functionality that fits very best with the tall windows. And because it syncs very well with tall windows that thing standalone allows tall windows to have superior controls over light and privacy management.

Why Cordless Roller Blinds Are Only Good For Canada?

No matter if it is roller blinds or any type of window covering, cordless treatments are the only way now in Canada. Canada’s government just bans any kind of corded window coverings that has hanging cords of more than 22 cm.

It is now officially illegal to supply or buy these kinds of window coverings in Canada. And just as a matter of fact, cordless treatments are more attractive than corded counterparts.

Especially, roller blinds. because the design is so simple and doesn’t require any more complex changes to make it cordless.

Roller blinds look more classy when they have no such cords because this will enhance their simplicity and so does their class. Makes them more minimal and so makes them more modernish.

Rather than cords to operate the roller blinds there is a small tiny handle on the bottom bar of them. This thing is not just reliable but importantly this is child safe.

Child safety is the main reason why Canada bans corded window coverings. The technology used in roller blinds in order to make them cordless is not something that makes them too expensive, after all, it is a matter of your child’s safety.

Roller blinds use a lift or tension mechanism to work cordlessly. As there are no slats so, not many cords are required in roller blinds.

Those window blinds, which have in-them slats functionality, can also be cordless but there are still cords hidden underneath, this is not the case with roller blinds.

How To Use Cordless Roller Blinds?

Cordless roller blinds are easier to operate than corded ones. Also, there is no such limit in cordless roller blinds, that you can only position them at some specific positions.

As I said, mostly cordless roller blinds have a lift or tension mechanism in order to be cordless. So, how to operate and adjust them?

Simply push and pull. In order to have privacy, there is a tiny handle at the bottom bar of the roller blinds, just hold the handle and drag the blind down at any desired length you want them to be.

Do the opposite to raise the blind, hold the handle and pull the blind up and leave the blind at your desired position.

Some cordless roller blinds also have functionality in which when the blind is completely down, just push it a bit lower and the blind can raise up to the top on its own. In these cordless Roller Blinds, a spring tension mechanism is used.

No matter what you choose, just make sure that it is cordless. And if there are cords then they must be no more than 22 cm.

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