ทดลองเล่นสล็อต Famous Dunn’s Stream Falls in Montego Bay

Dunn's River Falls with Horse Ride


Take an excursion to Nine Mile, the start of Reggae legend, Impact Marley and see where he contributed a piece of his starting stages and where his body was surrendered. While in Nine Mile, find out about Marley’s young life and his ascending to fame, then, take part in a sumptuous Jamaican victory. Go down through the inclinations of Jamaica to appear at perhaps of our most well-known and exquisite interest, Dunn’s River Falls with Horse Ride. As a part, experience the grandness of Dunn’s Stream Falls, perhaps of Jamaica’s most incredible run of the mill fortune. Driven by pro helpers, you’ll catch hands to shape a human chain, as you wrap your heading up the brutal tendencies of this 600-foot flood.

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Visit Coordinates

Outing to Nine Mile, the start of Weave Marley

Find out about Marley’s life as a young and ascend to differentiation

Partake in a brilliant Jamaican dinner

See where he spent his basic years and his current resting place

Head down through the inclinations to the cryptic Dunn’s Stream Falls

Catch hands to move toward a human chain and climb the 600 ft. flood


Get for this experience is accessible from most basic lodgings in the Montego Sound district, as well as from explicit Homes and AirBNBs. You will recognize your assist with timing through email or phone after you’ve finished your booking.

Basic Admonition

Liberally note in the event that you are not extra in Montego Cove you will should pay an extra expense for transportation. We don’t do free move beyond Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego Waterway (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Prominent Oster Cove, Sea Coral Spring, Gand Bahia Principe, Surprising Palladium, and so forth


Extra Transportation costs from these picked inns

Royalton Blue Water

Royalton White Sand

Sea Coral Spring

Sea Eden Straight

Drop Off

Drop off at your given out locale


Things To Bring

Water Shoes

Change of Garments


Bathing suit




Water Shoes




Area Cost




Colossal Data

Declaration will be sent in some place close to 48 hours of booking, dependent upon accessibility and least visit necessities

Visit length isn’t sweeping of advancement time to visit district

All visits are tolerating the rainclouds hold down

Age and Weight requirements could apply

Broadened lengths of Activity and Visit Time(s):

Monday: 10:30 AM

Tuesday: 10:30 AM

Wednesday: 10:30 AM

Thursday: 10:30 AM

Friday: 10:30 AM

Saturday: 10:30 AM

Sunday: 10:30 AM


Not weakened open

Booking affirmation will be go on through email 24 hours going before your certifiable event date. You could get confirmation email sooner subject to the volume of booking.


Booking and Reservation Technique Through Zella

All plans, or reservations ought to be paid 2 days right off the bat for your visits to be bore witness to. Reservations made through Zella won’t be held without segment. In the event that your booking isn’t paid 2 days ahead of schedule, it will typically be dropped. We suggest that you make the pivotal piece to happen with your booking.


Basic Data

An affirmation email with Declare Get time will be conveyed off you through EMAIL/SMS the day going before your veritable visit. Thoughtfully note the time displayed on the site is only for you to find out about what time these visits start.

Your confirmation email will show to address time for all pick-ups. Generously endeavor to examine your statement email, you can check your spam or waste mail to track down verification in the event that not displayed in your new sends.


Fixing Strategy

Any withdrawals made something like 96 (96) hours or more will not draw in a scratch-off charge.

Any withdrawal made under 96 hours yet over 72 hours before the booked visit time, will draw fifty (half) discipline.

All scratch-offs should be submitted recorded as a printed variant to the Affiliation and got by Phenomenal Visits weed tour Jamaica inside the periods of time demonstrated above to be prepared for a markdown. Dunn’s River Falls with Horse Ride.

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