How to Remove End Screen Cards From Youtube Video

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I was wondering about the way to dispose of YouTube video cards. You’ve come to the proper region. YouTube adjusts and provides new capabilities to its platform all the time. For youtube following buy youtube views. While many modifications are remarkable for improving customers’ enjoyment, a few make the experience worse for a few. YouTube end cards are one specific location of trouble for lots of users.

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Unfortunately, YouTube no longer supplies customers with the capability to show off stop cards. Since this is the case, plugins should be utilized. Luckily, many plugins are to be had and are all clean to apply.

Here’s how to get rid of YouTube end playing cards:

Install the Unhook YouTube Plugin

While there are many plugins, the Unhook YouTube plugin has been demonstrated to be significant based on user opinions (and my testing). So, to start the process of removing cease-playing cards, set up this plugin for your favored browser.

Activate the Plugin

Once you have established the plugin on your favored browser, your following objective should activate it. Chances are, you’ve mounted a plugin on your browser earlier than so that you should don’t have any trouble activating this one.

Click the Plugin Icon

Upon activating the plugin, a brand new icon should appear on your browser’s taskbar. To spark off the settings needed to disguise the stop display screen playing cards, you’ll want to click on the plugin icon so the settings menu can seem.

Enable the Hide End Screen Cards Option

When the settings menu for the plugin seems, you’ll know that many options are available for enhancing what shows and doesn’t show on YouTube. You’ll want to allow the Hide End Screen Cards option in this example.

Refresh Your Browser

You may observe that quit screens disappear from movies when activating the Hide End Screen Cards choice in the plugin menu. To make the changes everlasting, it’s an excellent idea to refresh your browser before looking at any films.

Plugins to Remove YouTube End Cards

Over the years, many browser plugins were developed and launched to the public to alter the YouTube experience. Unhook YouTube is one of the maximum popular plugins. However, others are famous as well.

Aside from Unhook YouTube, here are a few other popular plugins to take away YouTube cease playing cards:

  • Hide Labels and End Cards on YouTube
  • uBlock Origin
  • Disable YouTube Cards
  • Let’s pass over these plugins in more detail.

Hide Labels and End Cards on YouTube

Hide Labels and End Cards on YouTube is a browser plugin provided using Arpit Banati. It has been installed by over 10,000+ customers and receives updates every time YouTube makes significant adjustments to its platform.

This plugin does precisely what it states- hides labels and quit cards. It doesn’t now not present as many options or capabilities as other plugins, but it receives the task done. If blockading labels and giving up display screen cards are enough for you, keep in mind looking at this plugin.

UBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the maximum customizable plugins available for no longer just YouTube users but net customers as a whole. It is offered using Raymond Hill and has been set up by over 10,000,000+ users.

Regarding YouTube-specific functions, this plugin carefully aligns with the Unhook YouTube plugin. However, it’s miles extra complicated to apply and tends to be overwhelming for a maximum number of customers. So, relying on your technical information, this plugin might be well worth averting.

Disable YouTube Cards

Disable YouTube Cards is a simple plugin this is very much like Hide Labels and End Cards on YouTube. What makes this plugin distinct, however, is the truth that it is lesser-recognized. This is established by the truth that it has most effectively been mounted by around 1,000 customers.

There’s now not a good deal to say approximately this plugin- it does what it says it does. With this said, this plugin does supply users the potential to disable cards and the channel icon, which both appear on the display screen while watching a video.

Have you ever asked yourself, “why does my YouTube video begin within the center?

Over the years, YouTube has implemented quite a few capabilities to its platform. While those functions are added to improve the experience of users, they often become causing unwanted troubles, inclusive of a video not beginning at the very beginning.

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Why Is My YouTube Video Starting inside the Middle?

Have you ever clicked on a video and asked yourself, “why is my YouTube video beginning in the center?” If you have got it, you aren’t on my own. This occurs to many people. But why does this happen?

A YouTube video often starts offevolved inside the middle while a person is logged into YouTube and has watched a video previously. Often, YouTube will resume playback of the previously watched video wherein the user left off throughout their previous session.

Along the same lines, if a user uses the same browser as their previous viewing consultation, YouTube will also start movies they left off- even though they may not be logged into an account.

Finally, suppose a consumer is delivered to a video via a shared link. In that case, the hyperlink should’ve informed YouTube that the traveling person would love to begin watching the video at a particular time. These hyperlinks often have “?T=” brought to their quit to suggest when they’ll begin gambling.

What to Do if Your YouTube Video Starts within the Middle

At this factor, you’re probably wondering what to do in case your YouTube video starts offevolved inside the middle. Should you create a new account? Use a different device? Contact the YouTube guide and inform them of the issue.

If your YouTube video begins in the middle, the best way to remedy the difficulty is to log out of your account earlier than watching the video in question. Doing this needs the purpose of the video to begin from the start and no longer wherein you left off.

Also, you could attempt clearing your watch records in your YouTube account and browser information. Doing this need to purpose YouTube to delete the information they’ve stored about your preceding viewing periods and treat each video like it’s a video you’ve in no way seen before.

If all else fails, check the URL of the video you are trying to observe to make particular “?T=” isn’t always present near the quit. When that is present, the video you’re trying to observe will constantly start at the time indicated within the video URL.


You now know a way to do away with YouTube cease playing cards. YouTube doesn’t supply users the ability to get rid of quit playing cards directly (that is unfortunate); however, there are numerous plugins to be had that get the job accomplished just exceptionally.

You now realize what to do if your YouTube video begins in the middle. This hassle can be a worrying one to deal with. However, there are answers to the problem that can help restore the problem quickly and effortlessly.

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