5 reasons to dive into open water swimming

swimming pool lifeguard

Open water swimming can be practiced almost anywhere with enough water. You don’t have to be dependent on the weather, although it can be a bit cold here in the cooler climates. It can also have its advantages!
Splashing around in lakes, rivers and the sea is fun, and it’s also a great way to get in shape outdoors. It kick-starts your internal system to shed pounds, build muscle and clear your head.
Here you can read why it is a good idea to dip your toes in the cold water with swimming pool lifeguard.

1. Your metabolism gets going

There are two types of fat in your body: brown and white. Nowadays people are mostly of the white type, but back in the hunter-gatherer days, there was more balance in the accounts. Studies have shown that the unique brown fat can be activated by cold water. The brown fat can do more than just keep you warm. Since it increases your body temperature by burning calories, you will shed unnecessary weight. Can you think of a better reason to get some Ice Age-inspired exercise at your local outdoor spot?

2. Get peace of mind

A dip in the sea, the local lake or perhaps a trip to the harbor can provide peace of mind in a hectic everyday life – to an even greater extent than the local swimming pool can. Taking time to enjoy nature has been proven to reduce stress and lower the risk of developing depression and mental illness. That is why it is really good for the body and the brain to move the training outdoors.

3. You get in great shape

As with altitude training, you are also training your body to adapt to harsh weather conditions with open water swimming. The cold will make breathing harder, forcing your body to use what little oxygen you can get. It makes the body better able to adapt to stressful situations. Afterwards, jumping into the local indoor pool will be a breeze!

4. Get more energy

Studies show that exposure to cold water increases the body’s testosterone production, giving a boost to men’s libido. And although it doesn’t quite work in the same way for women, the cold shock gives everyone a good shot of energy and releases endorphins in the body. Regardless of gender, your body will thank you afterwards.

5. You become a better swimmer

In the same way that an outdoor trail run forces your body to burn more calories and adapt in a more natural way than a run on the treadmill, your body will also work harder when you jump in nature’s waves. The combustion is at its peak to keep the body warm, while the current, wind and natural obstacles make it a tougher training session.
Swimming pool or swimming pool? – Advantages and disadvantages of both swimming pools at a glance
The question of whether a natural swimming pool or a beautiful swimming pool should be integrated into your own garden cannot be answered so easily. After all, it depends on your own needs, which variant ultimately comes into question. Of course, you also have to like the respective type of swimming pool. You can only see the advantages and disadvantages of both swimming pool models in a little more detail.

So if you are still undecided which of the two swimming pools should decorate your garden, this list of pros and cons can help you decide. Pure nature or elegance? You are spoiled for choice.

swimming pond

Swimming ponds are usually natural – without the addition of chemicals, which in turn benefit people, plants and possibly the animals that live in them.

Furthermore, a swimming pool is always a botanical eye-catcher in the garden (reader tip: planning a swimming pond: pay attention to these points).

And many animals like to look for its proximity, such as Dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, etc.

A swimming pool also requires less care than a pool (reading tips: giant algae in the swimming pond – 6 tips).

Furthermore, it offers many design alternatives that are less sterile than a pool area.

The equipment for the swimming pond or swimming pond is also quite manageable.


It is difficult to heat the water, which is why you can use a swimming pool much less than a pool.

A deck, and thus a safety barrier for small children, can hardly be realized with a swimming pond.

swimming pool
Swimming pools have a consistent, germ-free water quality because you can positively affect them with chemicals at any time.

Pools can also be heated, so you can always enjoy a comfortable water temperature.

You can also use a pool with so-called wellness accessories. Massage jets, Whirlpool nozzle, etc. Equipment.

If you don’t like swimming animals, you don’t have to worry about them in a pool. Because they have no chance of survival because of the chlorine.

Furthermore, pool facilities are much better equipped with safety measures than swimming pools.

Long-term studies have shown that you need to maintain a pool more often than a swimming pond.

In addition, you must expect a much higher water consumption, especially since this must be completely drained every winter.

The maintenance required for a pool is usually higher than for a pond.

And can we help you with our list of pros and cons in the decision-making process? But don’t make a hasty decision! It all needs to be considered, because once the pool or pond is created, the decision cannot be undone. So take some time and think about it.

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