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 Free Passes:

Goldstar has an amazing deal on this weekend that allows you to buy one and get two free passes to the  water park of america prices which is a savings of $60. Not only are there great deals at the park, but it’s also discounted so it’s a great time to go if you haven’t been before or haven’t been in awhile.
They have some other promotions going on like family fun days where you can get free admission for up to six people per car and discounts for military families (and veterans).
There are plenty of other options as well   there’s a water slide that goes from the top floor down to the bottom floor and there are two wave pools for all your surfing needs.

Book By February :

If you are looking for a deal to the  water park of america prices this weekend, but can’t seem to find any, head over to Goldstar and grab up discounted tickets. This is a great opportunity for people that live in the area and have been wanting to visit the park as well as those who are just passing through or want a day trip. The ticket price includes one-day admission and parking, all at an affordable price. There are limited quantities so be sure to book by February 12th if you want to take advantage of this offer!

More About Discounted Tickets:

Goldstar has discounted tickets for the weekends coming up that are good for up to 50% off regular admission. This is a great way to save some cash and have a fun day with your family and friends. The Park won’t be busy, which means you can spend more time enjoying the ridesnds.. You also might get some free snacks when you get there since they’ll be trying to fill seats as they’re not expecting such a big crowd like they usually do on weeke

 Waterpark of America:

1) Bring your own food and drinks
2) Bring a kiddie pool with you to avoid paying for a full size one
3) Buy discounted tickets at the end of the season, or on Goldstar, if you can find them.
4) Buy souvenirs inside the park to avoid high prices and long lines.
5) Take advantage of the free parking that is available. 6) Consider going during the off-season when prices are lower. 7) You may want to consider purchasing a season pass if you know you’ll be going often enough.

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