New OSINT Tool FaceCheck.ID Allows You to Search Internet by Face

Sentient Labs created a new reverse image search portal FaceCheck. The site lets you to search news, videos, blogs, and social media using a picture of a person. The site is to be used by the general public to run a background check. By visiting the site at FaceCheck.ID and making a photo search, anyone can quickly check their potential date’s selfie against more than 10 million faces of gang members, rapists, offenders, crime suspects who were featured in the news, felons, scammers, traffickers, and romance swindlers.

FaceCheck is a reverse image search engine that can be used as a background check tool to find phony identities, impersonators, locate social profiles of lost friends, and check on someone new. Influencers can also locate fake social media accounts and blogs that steal their pics.

“We believe that FaceCheck will enable people to make better decisions when meeting someone new or making plans with somebody new on the Internet, as the world is becoming progressively dangerous every day.” FaceCheck.ID Staff

FaceCheck.ID search engine can help


  • Discover if someone has been scamming you
  • Discover if someone has been in prison
  • Check the Footprint of a new partner
  • Uncover if a person is a conman
  • Discover if a person is a scammer
  • Learn if someone is a registered offender
  • Uncover LinkedIn accounts of lost friends
  • Find out if someone has been impersonating you


The site allows anyone remove their own photos from the face search engine for free, respecting their privacy. The site is not accessible in EU countries to comply with the data protection regulations.

FaceCheck’s AI-based technology is using deep learning face recognition to match faces in different lighting conditions, expressions and angles and can recognize faces covered by glasses, hats, masks, and beards.

Sentient Labs hopes to make FaceCheck the leader in social media search and the go-to destination for personal due diligence in preventing scams and catfishing and become must have safety check when meeting a person on the Internet.

AI and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition research is rapidly evolving. The use of artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of facial recognition algorithms is the hottest topic in the research community. Machine learning (called deep learning) uses artificial neurons to learn from data. Neural networks are similar to the neurons in the human brain in a way they are able to recognize repeating patterns. Researchers at FaceCheck.ID have been able to use supervised learning to train facial recognition model to achieve better-than-human performance. As this technology matures, we will see more practical applications for this technology.

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