Best Weapons to Upgrade in Black Ops Origins

Best Weapons

While you should upgrade your Melee Best Weapons to become more potent, there are also some submachine gun options you can use to dominate the game. Melee weapons like the M13 and ice staff are a great choice for close quarters. In this article, we will explain how to upgrade each of these weapons, and help you find the best weapons for your class.

Melee Weapons

The first step in upgrading your Melee Weapons in Black Ops Origins is to find a canister that contains enough ammunition to upgrade it. You can find this canister in the plane crash area near the Stamin-Up chest. To use the canister, press the button and melee the box to activate it. Once you have activated the canister, it should explode and you can swap out your Shockwave for the upgraded Nova 5.

The first Melee Weapon to upgrade in Black Ops Origins is the Hell’s redeemer. This weapon allows you to take down zombies while they are still alive. However, you have to be playing on the original difficulty in order to acquire it.

ice staff upgrade

If you want to upgrade your ice staff upgradeĀ  Black Ops Origins, you will need to find some gravesites. These are located near Generator 4, to the right of KN-44. Near the gravesites, you will also find a massive footprint and a Dig Site. You will have to dig around to find them, but you shradould be able to find them without much trouble.

Once you find a site, you can dig up the parts of the Ice Staff. You need three parts – the elemental crystal, the gramophone, and the right records – to get the Ice Staff. You can find these parts all over the map, but the top part usually spawns near the Church area, while the middle part is found in No Man’s Land between Generators 2 and 3.

Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns are among the best weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origin, with their massive damage and versatility. While you may not have much training, massed submachine guns are extremely dangerous and can overwhelm a conscript without much training.

Among the best SMGs to upgrade in Black Ops Origins, the MAC-10 is among the best. This weapon has an excellent fire rate, with a burst rate of four rounds per second. It also has solid recoil properties, which help you maneuver on the battlefield. It is the perfect weapon to use in mid-range engagements. The MAC-10 can be upgraded with an SOCOM Eliminator and Field agent grip.

Submachine Guns are great for killing zombies and enemies, but they’re not the only weapons to upgrade. There are also other weapons you can use, like the Hotchkiss M1909, which is available in Zombies mode. It’s a modified Mk 14 and has an increased rate of fire.


If you’re looking for a new weapon to use during the game, consider upgrading your MP5 with one of the many new attachments available. These add more damage and bullet velocity, while also improving your hip-fire accuracy and horizontal recoil control. If you don’t want to upgrade your MP5 with an attachment, you can use your stock to upgrade it with an MP5F.

The MP5 is a submachine gun. It is available in all maps except Origins. It is a full-auto submachine gun with great visibility and control, as well as an excellent sprint out speed. It is also compatible with many attachments, making it one of the best weapons to upgrade in Black Ops Origins. Many players are drawn to the MP5’s speed, accuracy, and mobility.


The AK74U is one of the best weapons in the game, and you should consider upgrading it to the next level if you’re a high-level player. This weapon is a very powerful assault rifle that’s great for solo play, and is also capable of killing enemies from a long distance. The only drawback to this weapon is that it’s too slow to compete as a LMG.

The AK74U is a good option if you plan on using it to kill zombies. Its range is impressive, and its damage is also pretty good. It’s also great for slaying zombies quickly and has a high round capacity. The AK74U comes with the “Mob of the Dead” map, and you can find it on a wall right next to the training area.

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