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In treatment, the goal is to help a person not only stop using alcohol but also to build a new lifestyle that aims to fill the space created after removing alcohol from everyday life.

This system requires the support of the family, so the treatment also includes family therapy. Also, life without alcohol overwhelms the same emotional difficulties that initially led to the use, even those that are significantly addressed in the treatment, and sometimes medication or psychological treatment at a rehabilitation center in Mumbai is required at the same time.

How do you know that the use of alcohol is excessive and requires treatment or moderation?

Alcohol is an addictive substance whose use is legitimate and legal use, at the same time alcohol is also an addictive substance that may cause dependence, not always consciously. Substance dependence or addiction is defined as situations where a person uses a substance, (for example alcohol consumption), without wanting it or planning it or more generally – without control. Addiction develops over time and is characterized by an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed and a decrease in the frequency of alcohol consumption and is also defined by the fact that the person becomes physically and emotionally dependent on the substance. Therefore, if you feel that alcohol rules your life, it is likely that you suffer from addiction

How can alcohol addiction be treated?

The best and most effective treatment for addiction is a holistic, multi-systemic treatment that includes reference to the ways to stop using but also to the possible ways to avoid stumbling. Also, systemic treatment refers significantly to the importance of in-depth emotional therapy designed to understand the roots of addiction, to treat them, and thereby enable a better quality of life, even without using. In addition, we believe that as part of the treatment, it is important to give tools to the close family members so that they can help the seller in his treatment process as well as allow the family members themselves emotional support. In the rehabilitation center in Mumbai, treatment includes individual therapy, family or couple therapy, psychiatric therapy when necessary, as well as options for an accompanying system by a qualified guide, sometimes also 24 hours a day.

Can consuming alcohol only on weekends be an addiction?

This question brings together similar questions such as – is maintaining function at the same time as consuming alcohol a sign of the absence of addiction? Is consuming alcohol only with friends a sign that I’m not an addict? And also the question in the title is – is alcohol consumption only in the evenings / only on weekends a sign of the absence of addiction? Well, each case is on its own merits, but surprisingly the answer to all the questions here may be no – even functioning people can be defined as alcohol addicts, so can people who drink “only” in the evening or “only” on weekends. Alcohol addiction can be defined both when drinking is not all day and when the person manages to function day-to-day if the use is intended to regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, forget about depression and so on, the user may indicate addiction. If a person drinks “only” in the evening but fails to stop or drinks more than he planned, this is a significant sign of the development of addiction.

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