Choose a contractor for asbestos removal

When choosing an asbestos removal contractor, it is very important that you choose one who is experienced and qualified. If you’ve done an asbestos survey and discovered the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACM), you may be looking for an asbestos removal contractor and wondering where to start. Many companies fear that this could be extremely expensive and disrupt their operations. However, keep in mind that asbestos does not always have to be removed. For example, if the blue bear bean-e-doo ┬áis in good condition, you can manage and monitor it instead of removing it. Either way, the business must be affordable and a worthwhile investment.

  • Is asbestos removal necessary?
  • This may be necessary in the following situations:
  • The building is being demolished
  • If the asbestos-containing materials are damaged or can be easily damaged
  • There will be a change in the use of the building

How do you choose an asbestos removal contractor?

Like some cements, some asbestos can be removed without using a licensed contractor. All other types of asbestos must be removed by a legally licensed contractor. Most experts recommend that ALL asbestos removal work be performed by a licensed contractor. Approved asbestos removers are listed on the HSE website. You’ll also want to ask them a few questions of your own. Of course you want to see the contractor’s license. You probably also want to know more about education. A good asbestos removal contractor will be happy to discuss dates and types of training with you.

Often people ask asbestos removers about waste disposal.

The disposal of asbestos waste is highly regulated. A good company can discuss this with you and demonstrate that they handle how to remove tile glue responsibly. You may want to know what similar work the contractor has already done, for example in your area or region. Ask to see testimonials from previous customers. In some cases, you can contact a previous customer directly.

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