Which Keyword Tool is Best For SEO?


If you want to know which keyword tool is best for your SEO strategy, there are a few good options to consider. Among these are Long Tail Pro, Ahrefs, Seed Keywords, and SEMrush. The free versions are generally good for research and discovery of variations of keywords. If you’re more interested in Amazon and eBay search optimization, then you may want to consider the pro account.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a keyword tool for SEO that analyzes your competitors’ and your domain’s keyword performance. LongTailPro automatically calculates a KC (keyword competitiveness) value for each keyword, and highlights it in green or yellow, depending on how competitive it is. The lower the score, the easier it is to rank organically.

Long Tail Pro works by analyzing search volumes to find keywords that have the highest search volumes. It works by examining keywords in the “searches related to” section of Google. Then, it expands on those keywords. The resulting list will contain up to eight hundred keyword variations per seed keyword.

Long Tail Pro is a cloud-based product, which means it can be easily set up. Once installed, it includes a comprehensive suite of SEO tools. Besides keyword research, the tool also provides a backlink analysis tool, SERP analysis tool, and rank tracker. Users can also use the tool to organize their work. They can set up multiple projects and switch between them easily. This is especially helpful if they manage multiple websites.

Another feature of Long Tail Pro is its Keyword Competitiveness Score. It will help you prioritize keywords and monitor their rankings. It will also help you monitor your rankings to see which keywords have the best chance of generating traffic. It is a useful tool for SEO. You can use Long Tail Pro to learn about the competitiveness of keywords and see which ones are best for your website.

Long Tail Pro has a live chat feature and is very easy to use. It comes with easy instructions and a small text area where you can enter your keywords. You can also select the country and language in which you want to target your keywords, and specify the number of new suggestions you’d like to see. Afterward, the results will be displayed in a table, with columns for the keywords and rows for the suggestions generated by LongTail Pro.

Long tail keywords are keywords that people search for on Google in order to find what they need. They are also responsible for 57% of Amazon’s sales. Long tail keywords can help your content get the visibility it deserves in search engines.


SEMrush is a keyword tool that offers a number of useful features to help you determine which keywords to target for your website. One of its features is the Keyword Gap tool, which helps you determine where your competitors are missing out on certain keywords. Another feature is Keyword Variations, which gives you a snapshot of similar groups of keywords, including the original keyword and additional modifying words. This information can be helpful in generating content ideas and improving your SEO.

Semrush also offers the Domain Overview tool, which can be used to evaluate link opportunities. Links from relevant and high-quality websites boost your site’s performance in search results. To use this tool, enter the domain URL into the ‘domain overview’ section of the tool. The tool will then display an authority score for that domain.

Bulk Analysis provides a snapshot of how many people have searched for a specific term, and offers metrics that you can use to improve your ad’s search visibility. In addition, the Keyword Manager allows you to store the keywords you’ve gathered through various Semrush tools.

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool is useful in generating keyword suggestions. It provides users with an international database of 20 billion keywords. Users can also segment keywords by difficulty, number of searches per month, language, and exclude words. It also includes the keyword difficulty score, which helps you determine which keywords are most difficult to rank for.

Position tracking is another useful feature, which enables users to track the rankings of their sites in various countries. This feature allows you to compare your site’s ranking against your competitors. You can also view the trends and find out what keywords are attracting visitors. In short, it can help you decide which keywords are most relevant to your business.

The Semrush interface is straightforward and user-friendly. It is best used on a desktop computer. The interface has useful categories and a navigation menu on the left. You can also subscribe to weekly rank tracking summaries or set triggers to receive email notifications when a change occurs in a keyword’s rankings. The tool also offers an option to monitor backlinks.


Ahrefs is a keyword tool that allows you to track your rankings for keywords and measure their performance over time. It offers detailed reports that can be emailed to you. This tool works for desktop and mobile devices and covers more than 170 countries. In addition to tracking your keywords, Ahrefs also provides a keyword competition report and search volume.

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools available. Its keyword research and competitive analysis tools can help you find the top keywords for your website and improve your ranking in Google. It also lets you analyze competitor websites to see if their links are worth pursuing. Ahrefs also allows you to monitor the health of your link profile, so you can make changes to increase your website’s ranking in Google.

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer tool allows you to research keywords for various search engines. If you have a large website or multiple websites, you can use the paid version of Ahrefs. This allows you to work on unlimited sites and use all its key SEO tools. Ahrefs also provides an in-depth analysis of broken links and the potential of traffic for your website.

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer and content explorer tools can help you research keywords for your website. This tool can save you a lot of time when creating content and looking for paid inclusion. It has a keyword database of over 4 billion keywords that you can research to determine which keywords to focus on and which ones to avoid. By doing this, you can optimize your content and attract relevant backlinks.

Ahrefs can help you with competitive research by using the Site Explorer tool, which can reveal your competitors’ keyword strategies. It can also help you analyze your competitors’ backlinks, which has a direct impact on your ranking. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer tool can give you a clear picture of your competitors’ backlink profile, and you can easily compare them with your own keywords and backlinks. You can also access Ahrefs’ backlink checker tool to determine if your backlinks are beneficial or detrimental.

Ahrefs offers four subscription plans, which you can pay for monthly or annually. Each subscription includes access to the full suite of Ahrefs’ tools and alerts. They vary in the number of users they allow and the capacity of the tools they provide. Considering optimizing your website’s visibility further? Explore the expertise of an SEO Agency in Stonington, CT to enhance your online presence and drive targeted traffic to your business.

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