Top 5 College Lacrosse Players

College Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The sport features many star players who have become household names. These include Jessie Coffield, Andrew McAdorey, Griffin Schutz, and Chris Kavanagh. Let’s look at some of the top players currently in college.

jessie coffield

Jessie Coffield is an American lacrosse player, writer, and host. She studied at Boston College and graduated with a degree in communication in 2013. In addition to lacrosse, Jessie played hockey in high school. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jessie Coffield was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 15, 1990. Her parents are William and Kristen Coffield. She has a sister named Virginia. She has a close relationship with her mother, and she enjoys spending time with her family.

Jessie Coffield is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. She played Varsity Field Hockey in high school, and went on to be a captain for Women’s Lacrosse at Boston College. She also joined the Ohio State Buckeyes last year, where she aims to make the NCAA tournament. Her teammates include Kyle Lewis and Richie LaCalandra. Their team has a well-planned schedule, and they’re hoping to get beyond the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

Andrew McAdorey

McAdorey is one of those players who can do it all. He is considered to be one of the best clearers in high school lacrosse. He was also on a state championship team for St. Anthony’s High School in New York, and played for Team 91 last year. He is a versatile midfielder who can score from anywhere on the field.

The two-way midfielder is a highly-rated recruit out of high school. He has a strong shot at becoming one of the top college lacrosse players. The class of 2022 includes Brennan ONeill, who will presumably patrol the left side at attack. Also, Duke’s Joe Robertson returns as captain, and McAdorey is one of three players from the Northeast region. In addition, grad transfer Sean Lulley could be the best passer in the class of 2022.

Griffin Schutz

As a freshman at the University of Virginia, Griffin Schutz is one of the top college lacrosse prospects in the country. His imposing frame and aggressive play make him a formidable force. However, he is not just a brute – he is a finesse player in a goon’s body. With the strength of a shutdown defenseman and hands of silk, Schutz is the ultimate offensive weapon. He is regarded as one of the top five college lacrosse players in the country.

This Connecticut native has been a star for the Cavaliers this season. He has scored 21 goals and added six assists. His stellar play has helped his team to a 3-1 record in the NCAA tournament. In the first round, they defeated No. 6 Brown. On Sunday, they will play No. 1 Maryland in the quarterfinals.

Chris Kavanagh

There are several reasons why Chris Kavanagh is one of the top college lacrosse players. First of all, he is hard-working and a team player. The Virginia Cavaliers are a powerhouse offense thanks to Kavanagh, who averaged 13 goals and 11 assists per game. In addition, Kavanagh’s fellow attacker Payton Cormier also contributed a ton of points last season.

Kavanagh’s offensive numbers were phenomenal, and he is among the best players in college lacrosse. Last year, his game against Syracuse was a must-see. He scored four goals and six assists in one game, tying a school record. After that, Kavanagh was named the USA Lacrosse Magazine Division I Men’s Player of the Week.

Leo Johnson

Inside Lacrosse’s midseason first team All-American has been sensational with the long stick. He’s forced 25 turnovers and won 53 ground balls. In his last two games, he has nine turnovers and thirteen ground ball wins. That’s impressive, especially considering the fact that he’s been playing against top five opponents. In addition, his defense has allowed only 11.8 goals per game, which is better than the national average.

Johnson is a lefty attackman who has played for a number of different teams, including New Haven. He broke the school’s scoring record in his freshman season with 98 points. He then transferred to New England West and joined the Keith Lee program at Avon Old Farms. As a sophomore, he quarterbacked the offensive unit for the Winged Beavers, netting 33 goals and 41 assists. His performance earned him All-League honors.

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