How to Translate Dutch to English

Similarities between Dutch and English

Despite the similarities between the two languages, they also have some differences. While their alphabets are very similar, they are very different when it comes to how the letters are pronounced together. Individual sounds in Dutch correspond to English sounds, but complete Dutch words are pronounced differently than in English. Using this information as a guide, you can learn how to pronounce words in Dutch. There are also some similarities between English and Dutch grammar.

Vowel length

Vowel length is a fundamental contrast between English and Dutch speech. Listeners who are accustomed to English pronunciation of long vowels have difficulty understanding Dutch speech. In contrast, Dutch speakers do not experience similar difficulties when speaking Dutch. However, there are some key differences between the two languages. The following article examines the differences between these two languages in vowel length.

Case system

The Dutch to English case system has undergone a change. Its original case system resembled that of the modern German language, with four distinct cases: nominative, dative, and accusative. These are used to indicate the subject of a sentence, as well as the direct object of a preposition.

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