Ni no Kuni 2: everything you need to know

The second part of Level-5’s oeuvre feels fresher, more fluid, and with a broader and more fun gameplay and a very pampered graphic style.

Normally, that a video game stands out for its graphic section is not the best of news, because the underlying idea is that the rest of the elements are, to say the least, mediocre.

It is not precisely what happens to Ni no Kuni 2 , which, although it is probably one of the games that has been given the most care to the graphics this 2019. It shines almost the same in the rest of the facets .

His resemblance to the drawings of Studio Ghibli is not accidental or hidden. In fact, in the first part of the saga they were involved in its design, although here they have not participated directly beyond the figure of Yoshiyuki Momose , in charge of sketching the characters.

Ni No Kuni 2 has the dangerous responsibility of, at least, not falling too far behind other Japanese RPGs such as the Tales of franchise , Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy , among others. And it doesn’t: not for the simple reason that they have managed to improve the formula of the first title, but because they have incorporated many new features that enhance their style of play.

Story: Kingdom Rising

The story tells, a century after the first installment, the adventures of King Evan Pettiwhisker , a candidate for the throne of the Kingdom of Cascabel who is surprised by a coup after the death of his father.

With the help of Roland, the president of the United States, from another universe and who mysteriously ends up in another world, he will escape from the castle and they will try to recover what is his.

Level-5, the developer, has shown an ambition to break with the establishment of the genre. The classic narrative network that tries to advance the story through the main and secondary missions changes completely here with the addition of new game modes that break the monotony: there are times when we leave the RPG behind to embark on the of strategy , in a well-planned twist.

The story takes too long to start and surprises by a poor depth of its protagonists. The problem is not that it is childish , but rather that on many occasions the structure of the missions becomes precarious (the excess of looting is sometimes tiring) and its narrative is superficial.

The music of the video game is simply majestic. Although it steals its main melody from the previous work, the rest are new and fit perfectly with the message communicated by the game and the action.

Where there is not a solo but it is in the setting. The variety of scenarios that exist and how well cared for they are is spectacular. Mountainous environments, streams, dungeons… everything seems to be treated with meticulous care that borders on honors .


Contrary to the first, the combat system here is not turn-based, but rather real-time action . Each character will be able to have 5 weapons during the battles: three to melee , one from a distance and one magical.

As they are used, they recharge a percentage that, the higher, the more damage they inflict. In addition, four different skills can be assigned to it that will increase our defensive options.

Only one character can be controlled simultaneously , although during the confrontations we can choose who to control —each one has different characteristics—, so that you can adapt depending on the enemies: if more physical, magical, distance damage suits you…

A new mechanic during combat is the fofis , little monsters that will act as assistants and will provide us, depending on their nature, from extra health points to increased attack or defense.

The movement sometimes becomes rough, with a camera that sometimes weighs down during combat. It is not surprising that sometimes we feel a bit in Kingdom Hearts 3 , since there is not a polished technique, but it is simply a mere succession of attacks without more.

Ni no Kuni 2 , more role than ever

Not only do we have different weapons and skills that we will acquire as we level up, there is also the equalizer, with which we will improve our statistics by investing experience points. Here we will have to play with the balance: enhancing the defense against some bugs will in turn make us weaker against other types. The plus point is that this is always editable out of combat .

Not everything will be the fighting. The ‘kingdom construction’ mode will allow us, in a sort of Clash of Clans , to design the cities that the protagonist governs through shops, workshops and other buildings that will supply us with equipment and tools.

The way in which we populate our cities is through the classic secondary missions in which you have to get a minimum of resources, eliminate certain enemies or transport objects.

The more citizens there are, the faster the management and achievement of skills or objects will be, in addition to the fact that we will be able to gain experience .

There is also another type of real-time strategy game that is reminiscent of Tooth and Tail in which we manage four different groups—ranged attacks, melee…—and we will face different enemies.

Depending on the objectives that are met, we will unlock new attacks . The weaknesses and strengths of each group change in every fight with a system of pure chance: rock, paper, scissors.

Completing the main story of Ni no Kuni 2 will take us approximately 40 hours , although it is easily extendable if we further exploit the different game modes, explore the universe and the new dlc.

The collector’s edition of the game includes magnificent gadgets and decorative objects that are real gems. Avoid that any accident or theft prevents you from continuing to display it on your shelves and enjoy seeing the decoration of your home.

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